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The nine stars who were hammered in 2021 are all to blame for the disaster "rollover"?

2021-08-25 20:40:00 Tencent Entertainment

Stars roll over every year , But this year there are so many .

Every star rollover , Can cause a wide range of vibration , The artists are silent , The whole circle is frightened .

For a job , Artists are in danger , Busy eliminating risks . lately , The first Yide training class in the entertainment industry has started , Actors and agents 64 Participants attended the training , There are many artists we are familiar with , For example, Lei Jiayin 、 Reza 、 Zhang Yishan 、 Dong Jie 、 Ma Su 、 Chen He 、 Gao Weiguang, etc .

The entertainment industry that has always ignored Yide , There is also a moral training course . This is not a long time to see , But there are too many immoral artists this year .

8 Months top the past ten years , Next, let's take a look at the big shocks in the entertainment industry this year .


They either have a chaotic private life or open mouth , Or break the red line of the law .

Zheng Shuang fired the first shot in this year's star scandal , It started very quickly , Refresh the artist's bottom line , Raised the shock standard of gossip in your circle with one's own strength .

1 month , After breaking up, Zhang Heng, who was sued by Zheng Shuang in court, released big information : Shuangzi's personal morality is not only corrupt , Also suspected of surrogacy 、 Abandonment 、 Tax evasion, etc . In front of so many black materials , Zheng Shuang was blocked by the whole industry .

Then let's look at Chen Xiang, the representative of slag man ,“ sleep on the brushwood ” For years , Together with Jiang Kaitong, he is going to visit his ex girlfriend Mao Xiaotong “ A fatal blow ”, To whitewash yourself and save your career .

As a result, the fool was so stupid , Chen Xiang's stealing chicken can't eat rice , He lifted a stone and hit himself in the foot again , He was directly hammered to death by Mao Xiaotong's recording .

still 1 month , Hua Chenyu, a simple big boy, collapsed .

The interview talked about conservatism , The host mentioned topics such as intimate contact , He shouts “ It's too dirty , I'm shy , It's terrible ”, As a result, secretly and Zhang Bichen got pregnant and had a child .

6 month , The college entrance examination results come out , The new generation idol Ma Jiaqi's Xueba vest fell off . He is often a marketing bully , College entrance examination results 307, English 44, mathematics 25. good heavens , The temperature in many places is much higher than his math grades .

7 The moon is Wu Yifan's “ Highlight time ”, From entertainment circle to legal circle , Or the brand circle , All around him . stay 7 On the tail of the moon , Fanfan has become a prisoner , Arrested on suspicion of rape .

Yu Xiaoguang, who is infatuated with a simple big boy , Also overturned at the same time , In the middle of the night, he sat with his female neighbor on his thigh , Later, he asked his wife Qiu Cixuan to put out the fire .

As for this month , More stars roll over , It's like KPI It's the same , Everyone is in a hurry “ Betray oneself ”.

During the Olympics , Small S Because of his unscrupulous words, he challenged the bottom line of netizens . Cross strait relations have always been a sensitive topic , As an artist , Even if you meditate every day 3 Not too many times . Small S Just don't pay attention to , Not only the passers-by who have accumulated for many years , Also lost all advertising endorsements in the Mainland .

It doesn't eat fireworks “ Prince Guofeng ” Huo Zun , Be in love 8 Chen Lu, my ex girlfriend in, tore open the other side : about P、 Disrespect for women and contemporary Chen Shimei always abandon . Seeing things get bigger and bigger , He announced his withdrawal .

Of course , And Zhang zhehan , The day before yesterday, I was still talking about my next life in the live broadcast , As a result, it was planted the next day . Netizens found out that he had visited the Yasukuni Shrine in his early years 、 Take a picture with Mrs. Devi, a right-wing activist ……

The official media made a voice , A word of “ Hurt national feelings , It must be cool ” Enough to see how big the basket Zhang zhehan poked this time .


A year has not passed yet , Unscrupulous artists will soon be unable to count .

One by one “ Top current ” The sweet pastry has become something that everyone can't avoid “ When a rat runs across the street everybody cries, "kill it!" -- a person hated by everyone , This year has really been shocking many times .

Immoral artists often roll over , therefore ,“ Learn art first, learn virtue ” It's been mentioned all the time .

It is precisely because there are too many such lessons , People in the entertainment industry finally began to pay attention to it , There has been an Yide training course .

Many stars in the entertainment industry go to art and ethics training classes , The photos are full of people . It is reported that , This training course is in 7 Classes begin in January .

before , Mango. TV Also announced its 80 More than artists have signed a letter of commitment , Guarantee to abide by the artist's artistic ethics , There will be no more incidents of Wu Yifan and others , Affect the healthy development of the entertainment industry .

Although I don't know whether such training courses and letters of commitment will be effective in the end , however , Eighth sister hopes that every artist will work hard in the direction of both morality and art in the future .

After all, there are many problems in this industry , If things continue to happen , The life of a star is really hard .

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