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The car began to be sold at a stall. The whole sale was like selling clothes! Netizen: the appearance is too cool

2021-08-25 20:48:53 Oriental Information automobile

Cars are already large commodities , Compared with small household appliances and daily necessities , Sales channels are also very different , Although there are a large number of emerging sales channels , But most people still choose to buy a car 4S shop , After all, you can see and touch , In addition, there needs to be follow-up vehicle maintenance support . But some popular brands are not so lucky , For example, Alfa Romeo, a car brand , Although it has already been sold in China , But there are few stores ,

Alfa romeo

At present, most of Alfa Romeo is sold through Maserati's store , Because these two brands belong to Ferrari family series . However, Alfa Romeo models imported into China have encountered many problems recently , Inventory is really hard to digest , Especially before the implementation of the national six standards , Alfa Romeo models with the national five emission standards naturally need to be cleared . So recently, Alfa Romeo who set up stalls to sell has appeared in many places .

Alfa romeo

In addition to setting up stalls to sell cars , Alfa Romeo also launched a full house discount , According to Kong Ming's Xiaobian, ask in many ways , At present, the price of Alfa Romeo models has generally reached 5.8 fold , This is almost half of the official guidance price . This strength is even 100000 lower than that of Cadillac some time ago ATSL Too much . Now luxury SUV models stelvio The price has gone from the previous 40 Million down to 23 All around , It's really a little surprising .

Alfa romeo

This kind of SUV Your appearance design can definitely be remembered at a glance , The classic triangular air intake grille on the front face is the unique shape of Alfa Romeo , The side waistline and rear lines are very smooth , It is a classic Italian luxury car design style . Some netizens say , Now the car's discount seems to be selling clothes , It's a pity that this set of too cool appearance design . Even many car fans can't help trying , But Kong Ming Xiaobian still wants to remind everyone to choose carefully .

Alfa romeo

Why can't Alfa Romeo sell for nearly half the price ? First, domestic consumers are not familiar with this brand , Second, there will be some problems with car use in the follow-up , For example, in case of maintenance, there will be unpopular parts . But there are many wonderful experiences in driving an unpopular car , For example, after going on the street , As the owner of Alfa Romeo , Often asked by passers-by , After all, such models are relatively rare , And it looks advanced .

Alfa romeo

In fact, Alfa Romeo's models meet the needs of young people , Not only does the appearance pull the wind , The powertrain also tends to be sporty ,2.0T The engine can bring 7 Zero hundred acceleration in about seconds , After all, this car can also be related to Ferrari .

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