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Comfort is no worse than GL8. 2021 Honda Odyssey is sold for profit, and the number of naked cars is as low as 243800

2021-08-25 21:03:55 Oriental Information automobile

lately , We conducted a museum exploration in Zhengzhou, Henan Province , This visit also made us feel a lot , I didn't expect that there were so many models on sale in the local market . Even some luxury car brands or popular brands have many models on sale at reduced prices , The most interesting model of the day is Honda's Odyssey models , At present, the local discount for this model is 1.2 Ten thousand yuan , The price of naked cars on the market is 24.38 Ten thousand yuan . We also photographed 2021 Real car diagram of Honda Odyssey , Let's see .

aesthetic , Overall, it is more atmospheric , It has a strong business atmosphere . Front part , The Honda family assembled chrome plated trim strip is used to connect the logo LOGO, It has a relatively broad design . Banner type air inlet grille design , It makes the whole have a good sense of hierarchy . Both sides LED The design of the headlight is huge , The internal light source is clear , In order .

The body side , The lines are more prominent , The overall shape is full . The lower part of the window is decorated with silver trim strips , It has a relatively good texture improvement . The door adopts the design of electric door , It has very good convenience . Wheel hub part , The unique double five frame design is adopted .

Tail shape , Echo the front face , It has a relatively broad design . Rear part , Huge shape , Blackening treatment is adopted , When lit, it has good recognition . Exhaust layout , Hidden layout design is adopted .

The interior , Embedded large central control screen 、 The liquid crystal instrument 、 The three width multifunctional steering wheel creates enough scientific and technological atmosphere for the vehicle . The layout below the central control screen is reasonable , The storage space inside the vehicle is greatly saved . Details , As a business vehicle , The most important thing is comfort , A large area of soft wrapped sofa , It has excellent comfort .

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