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How to avoid danger when the vehicle is trapped in the water on a rainy day?

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This year's rain is always more and more urgent , It adds a lot of inconvenience to the office workers who commute every day , It also brings many potential safety hazards to people .

8 month 16 Friday night 9 P.m. , Local heavy rainfall occurred in Haidian District, Beijing , There is serious ponding under the railway bridge of Hanhe road for a short time . When a car passes under the bridge , The low-lying terrain makes the car body submerged by water , They were trapped in the car . Later, the rescue workers and the masses rescued , A couple in their fifties and sixties were rescued , from 120 Send to hospital for treatment , Finally died .

If we encounter such an emergency , How to escape from the trapped vehicles on the ponding road ? Look below ↓↓↓

Never Wade blindly while driving

It's easy to drive on the road without wading , Especially when the water depth and below the water surface cannot be predicted , Never Wade blindly , Don't use your life safety to test the performance of the vehicle .

Abandoned car escape “ prime time ”

Once the vehicle feels floating , Top heavy 、 Swing from side to side , It means that the water is very deep , At this time, if the door can still be opened , We need to abandon the car as soon as possible . Don't panic , Leave the vehicle as soon as possible , This is the best chance to escape .

Whether it's a car or a minibus , The vehicle enters the water at the initial stage , There are at least dozens of seconds to open the doors and windows smoothly , Firemen think : This is a way to escape and save yourself “ prime time ”.

here , Don't be greedy for property 、 Don't hesitate. , Get out of the submerged vehicle quickly .


Emergency hammer

Broken window escape tools are necessary in the car

In previous experiments , Firefighters not only use high-heeled shoes and other personal belongings, it is difficult to break windows , Even with a broken window hammer , It's hard to break the window glass underwater . This is because these items are of low quality , And there is resistance in the water . Use high-quality items such as fire extinguishers underwater , It's possible to break the window .

Expert tips , Some headrests can't be pulled out , Even if you can pull it off , Wasting this time testing will also greatly reduce the escape time , So it's better to keep small broken window tools in the car .

at present , Most buses have been equipped with enough window breaking tools . In the latest bus , A key broken window is installed at the driver's position 、 One button door opening device , Several safety hammers are equipped in the carriage , A key blasting window breaking device is also installed on several windows . 

But private cars generally do not have the configuration of buses . So I suggest , Prepare some special window breaking tools in the car in case of need . Remember to put the tools within reach of the carriage , Never put it in the trunk .

Where the emergency escape hammer hits is very important

Pick up the safety hammer , Hammer the four corners of tempered glass , Don't hit the middle , The middle part is the strongest . Because some glass has a film , So the glass won't fall off immediately after breaking , You can kick open . 


When the water flooded a small part of the door , The external water pressure is small , You can also push the door outward ; But when the water flooded most of the doors , The external water pressure increases , It's hard to open the door .

here , There's still air in the car , Trapped people should be psychologically prepared , Don't panic , Keep calm . When the water flooded all the doors , Open the door when the internal and external water pressure is the same , The door can be opened at this time . 



Self rescue and escape “ Four word trick ”

hit : Seize the golden time to escape and save yourself, open the door and window to escape .

Smash : If the door window cannot be opened , Make use of all available things around you and try to break open the window .

fast : Keep calm , Act as soon as possible , Don't panic .

flee : After leaving the vehicle , Run away quickly , Follow the rising direction of the bubble to the water .

Xiaobian reminds you ,

Don't Wade blindly on rainy days ,

Stay away from urban low-lying areas and ponding ,

Maximize your safety !

source : CCTV news 、 Beijing daily 、 Beijing traffic radio


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