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The sales volume of Huawei has not increased. What's wrong with Thales sF5?

2021-08-25 21:34:05 Wechat automobile


Before holding Huawei's thigh , Cyrus has been in obscurity .2019 year 4 Month listed SF5, It didn't make much waves ,2020 The annual cumulative sales volume is only 732 car . But Cyrus SF5 After cooperation with Huawei , Just let this car “ Fly to the branches and become a Phoenix ”. Thales official revealed ,SF5 Huawei's smart select version will be on the market for a week , Then we reap more than 6000 Orders , The national orders have exceeded 10000 in one month .“ Huawei sells cars ” This fire of , It's burning hot .


However, the retail data of China automobile terminal show that , Sailux SF5 The actual sales volume of , It's not as high as officially claimed . Sailux SF5 Huawei smart select has been on the market so far , The cumulative total sales volume has just broken 2000 car . The average monthly sales volume is only 500 More than a , This is obviously related to the order results It's a long way off . Sales can't keep up with orders , It must be limited by factory capacity , But is that the core reason ?

Cyrus brand , Creating a background is not powerful . Zhang Zhengping, the son of the chairman of Xiaokang joint stock group , On 2016 In, in Silicon Valley, a company called SF MOTORS New forces of car making . Almost simultaneously , Xiaokang shares started 25 A 100 million yuan pure electric passenger vehicle construction project .SF MOTORS The course of development is not clear , All I know is that I bought the company co-founder of Tesla . But what's amazing is ,SF MOTORS stay 2018 Released in SF5 after , Zhang Zhengping then transferred all the equity to Xiaokang shares , Officially moved to the Chinese market , And gave the company a new name —— Kim corsalis .


Compared with other new forces making cars , It's hard to say what technical advantages jinkangsilis has . Xiaokang shares has reached cooperation with Dongfeng company , The latter will provide corresponding technologies in the field of new energy . But Dongfeng's own new energy development is not easy , I'm afraid there's a question mark about the gold content of Technology . And create only 2 More than years SF MOTORS, There seems to be no advanced technology . But Jinkang silis builds cars fast ,2019 year 4 In January, it launched its first high-end electric vehicle SF5, The listing time is postponed to 2020 year 7 month .


From the development process and listing “ Stalling ” Come on , Kim conthalis is not a family “ Intrepid ” New forces of car making , And it's also for SF5 Delivery buried hidden dangers . After in-depth cooperation between Huawei and Thales , Send technicians to guide production immediately . The result? ? Vehicle test retest in Jinkang factory , Failed to meet the requirements of Huawei technicians . According to relevant personnel , Huawei has put forward many standards far beyond the national standard in terms of quality control , For example, the durability test should be carried out in 105 Run in degrees Celsius 2500 Hours , The factory used to reach... At room temperature 500 Hours .

Under Huawei's strict standards , Many aspects of Jinkang factory need shutdown and technical transformation . Sailux SF5 Adverse delivery , In the final analysis, jinkangsilis is not fully prepared . Of course , Huawei also has certain responsibilities .

Huawei's original intention to enter the automotive industry , It is to solve the shortcomings of traditional car enterprises in electronic information , Make up for the shortcomings of traditional car enterprises . But in terms of market reaction , Many car companies are afraid of Huawei , Unable to establish deep cooperation with it . Some car companies are interested in Huawei's ADS System , However, due to the conflict between the two sides' business and manufacturing ideas , In the end, it doesn't end . Huawei choice In depth cooperation with Kim corsalis , In a sense, it is to gain the greatest dominance .


Although Huawei is a powerful super manufacturer , But it is, after all, an ICT solution provider , In the face of the highest precision products in the world , You have to be careful . If there is a slight mistake in the cooperation , A gold lettered signboard built with painstaking efforts , It could be destroyed once . Therefore, Huawei may not be free to build cars at this stage , But slowly increase the market . Huawei cooperates with jinkangselis , It looks more like a “ Interesting experiment ”.

Of course , There is no doubt about Huawei's sincerity , But it's just a stimulant after all . When Huawei has reached cooperation with several car companies , Jinkangselis will no longer exclusively enjoy the supporting dividends such as channels and Technology . in other words , Now the advantages no longer exist , What attracted consumers at that time , Only the product power of the model itself . It takes a good blacksmith to make steel. , Kim concellis wants to really get a foothold in the market , We have to work harder on the quality of the car .

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