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The 3 best-selling compact sedans have great discounts. The maximum price reduction of Sagitar is 32000. Has the joint venture car been close to the people?

2021-08-25 22:00:32 Youshi automobile

Joint venture car , Due to the extrusion of domestic cars at the cost performance end , Today's market sales performance is much worse than before . People used to want to buy a family car , Toyota, Honda and Volkswagen are often the first to be considered , But now , With Geely 、 changan 、 The Great Wall 、 chery 、 The rise of domestic auto enterprises such as BYD , More and more consumers are beginning to stand on the side of domestic car enterprises , The models purchased also began to change from joint venture vehicles to domestic vehicles , thus it can be seen , The change of people's consumption concept .

In order to cope with this situation and change , The joint venture wants to attract consumers who hold money to buy , You have to work hard on both products and prices . The strength of the product side, the joint venture car has always been able to play , But the price , Compared with domestic cars, joint venture cars don't have many advantages . therefore , Maybe it's also because I saw my weakness , At present, there are many joint venture compact car terminals with great discounts . And for consumers who want to buy a joint venture compact car , This is undoubtedly an opportunity . It can be seen that the joint venture car is really struggling for sales , Let's take a look at which models have great terminal discounts .

The first paragraph , FAW Volkswagen Sagitar

The guided :13.59-16.59 Ten thousand yuan

Maximum margin of preference :3.2 Ten thousand yuan

Sagitar has always been a popular joint venture compact car , Because its appearance conforms to the Chinese definition of German cars , The interior upholstery looks quite exquisite , Therefore, the impression of Sagitar to the Chinese people is very good . The new Sagitar now on sale , Its shape is also an overseas version Jetta The design of the , Although I came to China and changed my name , But it is also a serious global car after all , So the people who bought the car said that they had a certain face .

in addition , The space in the back of Sagitar is very good ,2731mm The wheelbase can cope with most home scenes . In addition, the power end currently provides 1.2T and 1.4T Two engines are optional , The fuel consumption is only 7L about , So it can also meet the needs of many people for a German car .

Last , I learned from a dealer in Beijing that , Rapid 2021 At present, this model can enjoy the highest 3.20 Ten thousand yuan cash discount . It's like a fight 7.5 fold , The discount is very good . All in all , At the compact level , Sagitar is almost the largest , The rear row space is also excellent , Even challenge the strength of entry-level medium-sized vehicles . So combined with today's offers , Like friends can access the hand .

In the second paragraph , SAIC Volkswagen Langyi

The guided :9.99-16.19 Ten thousand yuan

Maximum margin of preference :3.0 Ten thousand yuan

Langyi's name is needless to say , Once the sales champion in the car market , Elegant “ The nightmare ”. Now , Although Langyi's sales performance is not as strong as Xuanyi's , But a skinny camel is bigger than a horse , In terms of product power , Langyi is still a model worthy of choice for the general public .

The specific term , Langyi's appearance is in line with most people's aesthetic , The smooth design also well demonstrates its German identity . Into the car , The exquisite feeling of the new Langyi has been improved a lot , At the same time, the interior atmosphere is also improved compared with the old model . There's no problem with space , Wheelbase reached 2688mm, Although not as good as Sagitar , But home is enough .

Finally, in terms of motivation , Langyi provides 1.2T、1.4T and 1.5L Three displacement options are available , The transmission is matched 5 manual 、6 The block hand is self-contained and 7 Double clutch gearbox . Besides , Langyi sells hatchback version 、 Three compartment version and departure version ( Old money ) Wait for many models , Prices are also uneven . With the highest discount at present 2019 Take Langyi hatchback as an example , In Suzhou, new cars can be discounted 3 ten thousand , It's like a fight 7 fold , The discount is still very strong . Combined with other models 2 Ten thousand special offers , So the comprehensive cost performance is very high .

In the third paragraph , GAC Honda Lingpai

The guided :9.98-16.98 Ten thousand yuan

Maximum margin of preference :2.8 Ten thousand yuan

Lingpai is a compact car of GAC Honda which is good at space , Because the shape adopts Honda's family design in China , So its audience is also very wide . in addition , Ling Pai's rear seats are very comfortable , The high configuration model is also equipped with a through central channel connecting the front and rear , This is also a great innovation .

The performance in terms of interior decoration is regular , It looks like Honda's design that can be produced by men of science and Technology . But it's really practical , And looking at a more calm atmosphere , This is in line with Honda's tone . Power on , Ling Pai provides 1.0T and 1.5L Dual engine power optional , among ,1.5L Hybrid models have smooth driving experience and good fuel economy , For consumers who need home , It's very appropriate to choose Lingpai hybrid .

About the price , We learned from the distributor in Shijiazhuang that , Ling Pai currently enjoys the highest 2.80 Ten thousand yuan cash discount . It's like a fight 7.2 fold , Cost performance is also very high . Buy advice , Personally, I think the choice is sharp · The hybrid model is the most reasonable , First, it is very fuel-efficient , Family transportation is very suitable . Second, after the terminal discount , You can buy a hybrid model at a price of 120000 or 130000 , So it is recommended to buy .

Last , With the rise of domestic brands , Joint venture compact cars also have to survive by reducing prices . Whether it's Sagitar 、 Langyi or Lingpai , Their price reduction is to make the model sales better , So if there's a chance , Let's start with them , Don't hesitate to . After all , At least it's a joint venture car , The second-hand hedging rate is still there , What do you think? ?( writing / ATV   Da Zhuo )

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