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The new Buick Angke banner starts at 299900 yuan. Why isn't it worth buying?

2021-08-25 22:00:43 Auto review AC

Flagship models are often the highest level of configuration in a brand , The largest size , The most powerful car , After all, the car is about the positioning and appearance of the whole brand , No matter which car company will not deal with it . Anko flag as Buick SUV Flagship models , Its own product power is second to none in the whole family map , And the models of anko and Cadillac come from the same platform , Have a certain luxury gene .

In the near future ,2022 Buick anko banner was officially launched , A total of new cars were launched 4 Product configuration , Price range: 29.99~35.99 Ten thousand yuan ,4 This configuration includes Angke's Avia models . As an annual change , The new car still continues the overall design of the old model , Only optimize and upgrade the technology configuration , Next, we will focus on the ordinary model of Anke banner , See how the product power of the car is .


As the flagship model of the brand , Buick anko flag adopts a new family design language , The whole vehicle has many similarities with the previous concept models , It not only continues the family gene, but also brings people a good sense of freshness . Among them, the flying wing silver decorative strip at the front of the new car runs through the whole front face , And connect the left and right daytime running lights , An active air inlet grille is equipped under the horizontal strip-shaped middle net , The internal structure is progressive , It's visually relaxing .

Body size , The specific length, width and height of ordinary models are 4981×1853×1722 mm, The wheelbase is 2863mm, The figure data belongs to the medium level in the competitive products of the same level . The body side design of this model is very full , It has the muscle feeling of American cars , The silver chrome trim at the details is extremely restrained , Good looking but not publicity .

The design of the rear part of Anke banner echoes with the front part of the vehicle , The overall visual effect is full , The middle of the tail lamp set is equipped with through silver chrome trim strip , Extending the lateral visual effect of the tail . The back surround design has a sense of hierarchy , The bottom is also equipped with a double-sided real exhaust .

Interior design

The overall interior style of Anke banner has a certain sense of luxury and is slightly biased towards business style , This is also the inherent design feature of Buick's models , The overall operating area in the vehicle is biased to the driver's side , Streamlined lines and chrome plated edges show a good texture under the light and shadow . The new models are only equipped with 8 Inch embedded display screen , Although the size is small, it is slightly inferior in the sense of grade , But the clarity of the screen and the speed of tactile response are quite good , In addition, the navigation set on the left side of the screen , The home page and screen switch buttons are very attentive .

2022 The interior seats of this model are wrapped in leather , In terms of function, it is equipped with four-way adjustment of the height of the driver's and passenger's seats as standard / Two way adjustment of lumbar support , Electric adjustment of driver's seat and passenger's seat , Front seat heating / Ventilation, etc . The interior filler of the front seats of the new models is soft , There are certain protrusions on both sides of the backrest and cushion , And the backrest fits the back of the human body , It can bring good package degree to passengers .

The second row seat filler of the new car is softer than the front row , The second row seats are provided with fore-and-aft and pitch angle adjustment , The space performance is quite flexible . However, the middle seat is hard , Foot space is also limited .

dynamic system

2022 All models are still standard 2.0T+48V Light mixed system , The maximum output power of the engine is 237 horsepower , Peak torque is 350 Cattle meters . Transmission system , What matches the engine is 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

Model configuration and purchase suggestions

As an annual change ,2022 The inner and outer design of the old model is still used in Angke banner , Only a series of optimizations have been made in function matching , Besides , Avia models also go further in creating a sense of luxury . The ordinary version of the new car has a total of three configurations , Price range: 29.99~33.59 Ten thousand yuan .

2022 paragraph 652T Two wheel drive noble

Recommend index :***

Configure comments : The basic configuration is perfect , High cost performance

Guide price 29.99 Ten thousand yuan , All entry-level , This configuration has front and rear head airbags , Lane departure warning , Doubling the auxiliary , Lane Keeping Assist ,360 Degree panoramic image , Reverse vehicle side warning , Cruise control , Steering wheel shift , Bluetooth car phone , Mobile Internet mapping , Voice recognition control ,OTA upgrade , Adaptive high and low beam and other functions , The basic configuration performance is perfect enough , And the price does not exceed 30 Ten thousand yuan , The cost performance is the highest in the whole system .

2022 paragraph 652T 4WD noble

Recommend index :**

Configure comments : Only four-wheel drive system is added

Guide price 31.49 Ten thousand yuan , More than entry-level models 1.5 Ten thousand yuan , From the model name, we can see that the biggest difference between the 4WD noble model and the previous configuration is the addition of 4WD system , For urban SUV Come on , This configuration is not indispensable , Therefore, the cost performance is not as high as the entry configuration .

2022 paragraph 652T 4WD flagship

Recommend index :**

Configure comments : The configuration is greatly improved , High price

Guide price 33.59 Ten thousand yuan , This configuration has more knee airbag in function , Front parking radar , Adaptive cruise , Park in , Rear axle limited slip differential , Sensing the rear compartment , Steering wheel heating ,8 Inch LCD instrument , Head up digital display , Built in dash cam , Rear seat heating ,BOSE In vehicle 14 The speaker , Matrix form LED Distance light , Monochrome interior atmosphere lamp, etc , The configuration is greatly improved , But the price is a little higher .

Car uncle summary

in general , Angke banner belongs to the type of car without obvious shortcomings , The performance of each data is relatively average , Most of its potential users are middle-aged families , However, the positioning of this model is slightly embarrassing , Because Cadillac and Chevrolet's corresponding medium and large enterprises are on the same platform SUV, The anko flag is stuck in the middle , In addition, this model is not as favorable as the model on the same platform , Therefore, many users will not list the car as their first choice . With 2021 Example of sales data in the first half of the year , The cumulative sales volume of Buick enko banner is 15,035 platform , And Cadillac's XT6 Cumulative sales have 17,088 platform , Although the gap between the two is not big , But it can also reflect big problems , Therefore, uncle Che doesn't recommend this model .

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