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Haval H6 national fashion Edition: a time bomb under high sales?

2021-08-25 22:00:53 Auto review AC

There are not too many challenges , The harvard H6 Once again 7 Month China SUV Sales champion in the market . The harvard H6 The launch of Guochao edition has become the main factor to ensure the stability of sales , The product portfolio sold together with the third generation models seems to have unlimited potential . But if you've analyzed Harvard carefully H6 Guochao Edition , You will find that there are many hidden dangers behind the high sales .

With the third generation

Why launch the national tide version ?

The third generation of haver H6 It's a good enough model , As the first product created by Great Wall Motors lemon platform , The third generation of haver H6 Compared with the second generation models, the product strength 、 There has been obvious progress in technology and quality , The engine 、 transmission 、 The three major parts of the chassis have also been comprehensively upgraded .

Under the condition of greatly optimizing the kerb quality , The third generation of haver H6 There is also a significant improvement in design , More coordinated elements and more concise detail design , All make the new generation of models have a more advanced temperament .

Besides , The third generation of haver H6 Interior design regardless of shape 、 Both material and workmanship have been significantly improved . At the same time, at the level of intelligent configuration , Also in the first echelon of the same level .

The engine is also optimized , For example, it reduces the parts of the actuator , The valve timing is adjusted . meanwhile , The injection pressure is also controlled by the second generation models 200bar Up to the 350bar. Overall dynamic response 、 Fuel consumption control , There are also some improvements .

Just when we all think that the third generation model will gradually replace the second generation model , Complete a perfect replacement , Haval based on the second generation model H6 The national tide edition appeared .

Why should Haval automobile launch a model based on the old platform at this juncture “ Dolls ” models ? The main purpose is to form a price difference with the third generation models , Achieve full coverage of high and low-end markets , So as to ensure greater market share . In fact, similar practices are not uncommon in the market , Many popular models are using the generation difference between new and old models to realize price differentiation , Meet the needs of more consumers . But haver H6 The launch of Guochao version , Are they really all positive effects ?

The harvard H6 Guochao Edition

It's a double-edged sword ?

Before answering the previous question , Let's take a look at Harvard first H6 The performance of Guochao Edition . Haval based on the second generation model H6 The national tide version is not aimed at the chassis 、 The power system makes too many changes , More energy is put on the internal and external design and vehicle engine system .

Compared with the discontinued version , The harvard H6 Guochao version is mainly adjusted in appearance details , And replaced the set of car machine system on the third generation model . But beyond that , The harvard H6 The Guochao version is not much different from the previous second generation models . Simply speaking , The harvard H6 Guochao version is the foundation of the second generation model + The third generation of car machines , such “ National tide ”, It seems a little perfunctory .

In fact, the second generation model “ Skin replacement ” Resale , Another reason is that it can still meet the needs of most consumers , Even if there is no third-generation model , The harvard H6 It can also maintain good sales performance in the short term . Since there are consumers willing to pay , So naturally, Haval doesn't want to stop the second generation model .

But in addition to sales , Harvard should also take a longer view . For many consumers , Their attention to cars basically focuses on internal and external design 、 On the big screen car , When I bought the car, I saw two 、 Three generations of models have adopted 1.5T/2.0T The engine of , Will subconsciously think that the difference between the two generations of models is not big . Chassis construction 、 vehicle design 、 Platform technology and other issues , It is often ignored by consumers . Plus Harvard H6 There is no gap in price between Guochao version and the third generation models , It will make many consumers use almost the same price , Bought a model with relatively old technology .

for instance , The harvard H6 Guochao Edition 1.5GDIT Automatic super luxury version and the third generation Haval H6 1.5T Automatic two drive Max The guidance price is exactly the same , But the performance in configuration is almost the same , Even many comfort configurations are not as good as the third generation Haval H6. Although the comprehensive product power of Guochao model is still good , But as competitors make up for their shortcomings and evolve , The third generation Haval, which has been divided into many sales by its own models H6 Unable to occupy more markets for a long time , The second generation of car owners account for more sales , The reputation of the third generation models 、 The more technical advantages, the more difficult it is to continue fermentation , The harvard H6 The sales of car series are also destined to be affected .

Car uncle summary

Making a car is like sailing against the current , move forward , or you 'll fall behind . Harvard has clearly taken a big step , But because of coveting the current sales volume and ensuring the top sales position in the industry, I don't want to let go of the past products . Maybe Harvard won the moment , But when other independent brands gain more reputation with new generation products , Consumers are interested in Harvard H6 My impression is still on the second generation models . The harvard H6 The time bomb buried in Guochao version , May blow up the current achievements .

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