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Three generations in one car? FAW Toyota scandals continue, and the quality myth is broken

2021-08-25 22:00:56 Auto review AC

As Toyota's eldest son in China , FAW Toyota can be described as a collection of thousands of favorites , The crown brand returns , Crown luff is also produced by FAW Toyota , However, what FAW Toyota has done in recent years has really made consumers feel a little cold . There is a saying circulating in the car circle ,“ One car passes on three generations , People walk and the car is still ”, It's Toyota , Because in the inherent cognition of domestic consumers , Toyota brand cars are durable 、 reliable , But FAW Toyota overturned consumers' impression of Toyota with its own strength , A good card is badly played .

Take FAW Toyota Asia Dragon for example ,6 The monthly wholesale volume is only 2726 platform , If it's in an overseas country , Such monthly sales are already very high , But in China, it's really a little hip pulling . As the flagship medium-sized car of FAW Toyota , The Asian Dragon should have a bright future , But why did it backfire ? This has to start with the extremely poor quality control of this car .

The first is the abnormal noise ,2021 year 1 month 25 A car owner in Dongguan bought a 2021 FAW Toyota Asia Dragon , After the owner used it for three months, he found , Whenever the car passes through a pothole, the center console makes an abnormal noise , At first, the owner thought it was just an accident , So I didn't care much , But in 5 month 2 I found that the door glass also made a strange noise , And over time , The abnormal noise of the central control and the glass is also more serious . The owner said , I have also inquired on the Internet , It is found that there are numerous complaints about the abnormal noise of the Asian dragon body .

According to Uncle Che , Except for the abnormal noise of the car body , FAW Toyota Asia Dragon also has obvious defects in manufacturing process . From the feedback of many car owners , Asian dragon body sheet metal is uneven , The gap of the body panel is uneven , This is also one of the reasons for the abnormal noise . Besides , The Asian Dragon's paint is very thin , The paint texture is also very general , Even the front paint of some cars will fall off .

If you look at the Asian Dragon from the perspective of family cars , The safety of this car 、 comfort 、 Fuel economy 、 The space performance is very good , But on the other hand , Who wants to drive “ listen ” With a lingering noise ? Furthermore said , Now we can take into account both security 、 comfort 、 Fuel economy 、 There are also many models of space performance , Asian dragon does not pay attention to quality control , Why do you think you can survive in many excellent products ?

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