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The appearance is more young and fashionable. The new Lingke 09 will be pre sold at Chengdu auto show on the 29th

2021-08-25 22:29:06 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , Learn from relevant channels , Lingke's new model - Led the g 09 Will be in 8 month 29 Chengdu auto show opens pre-sale . The new car is positioned in medium and large-scale SUV. Power on , Provide hybrid version 、 Plug in hybrid models , For consumers to choose .

aesthetic , Adopt the design concept of urban opposite Aesthetics , The overall shape is more sporty . Front face straight waterfall front grille , And connected with the lower part of the split headlamp group , Full of visual integration , The shape is very fierce . Split headlights on both sides add a bit of fashion . Lower three-stage lower grille , Show a strong sportsmanship .

The body side , Strong body lines , Improve the muscle strength of the whole body . Concealed door handle , Bring better visual experience . A tall body 、 Broad wheel eyebrows 、 Superelevation dimension ground clearance , Go with oversized 10 Wide aluminum alloy wheel hub , Show hardliners SUV Off road temperament .

The tail , The new car adopts multi line design , It seems to have a strong sense of hierarchy . Slender multi block tail lamp group , Highly recognizable . The large blackened diffuser at the lower part wraps the exhaust holes at both sides , Showing a strong movement effect .

interiors , Two color interior color matching , More in line with the trend of the young times . The whole interior is wrapped with soft materials , Bring a stronger sense of advanced .12.3 Inch full LCD instrument panel , collocation 12 Inch center control display +6 Inch air conditioning touch screen , Deserve to go up 12.8 Inch full color HUD, Create a strong sense of Technology .

motivation , The new car will provide hybrid and plug-in hybrid models . The hybrid version is equipped with Volvo Drive-E series 2.0T The engine +48v Light mixed system , The maximum power of the engine is 252 horsepower , The plug-in hybrid model is equipped with 2.0T+ A plug-in hybrid system composed of motors , It is estimated that the comprehensive maximum power of the system can reach 431 horsepower , The whole system matches 8AT transmission .

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