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High quality domestic SUV: who is better between Roewe rx5 and trumpchi GS4?

2021-08-25 22:31:42 Oriental Information automobile

Nowadays, the advantages of domestic brand models are becoming more and more prominent , Among the models at the same price , Domestic independent brand models often have more space and higher configuration . Just imagine , If it were not for the continuous development of domestic brands in recent years , It's hard to imagine just spending 10 The price is about 10000 , You can have one from design to driving , A satisfactory family car . Today we have selected two high-quality domestic products SUV Model comparison , They are Roewe RX5( Parameter picture ) And trumpchi GS4.

2022 GAC motor GS4 Officially listed in the near future , A total of... New cars have been launched 6 Product configuration , Price range: 8.98~13.18 Ten thousand yuan . roewe RX5 Recently added 5 Product configuration , Price range: 10.38~13.98 Ten thousand yuan . Today, uncle Che chose GAC motor with a similar price GS4 2022 paragraph 270T Automatic Zhixing flagship (13.18 Ten thousand yuan ) And Rongwei RX5 2021 paragraph PLUS 330TGI Automatic national tide Zhizhen Edition (13.08 Ten thousand yuan ) Contrast , Look at this tough competition , Which model is better ?

Appearance comparison

The new Roewe RX5 The front face of the car has changed a lot , The new car uses a larger grille , The grille extends from the front enclosure to the engine compartment lid , The shape design is more sharp . The new car adds a carbon fiber style trim panel between the grille and the engine cover , There are details on the trim panel , besides , The upper part of China network is also equipped with corresponding signs .

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