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Probe store - Nissan Xuanyi, with a discount of 10000 is the norm, and the 1.6L Yuexiang version is the best

2021-08-25 22:31:54 Oriental Information automobile

In the current domestic compact sedan field , Nissan Xuanyi's sales have always been excellent , As of this year 6 End of month , Nissan Xuanyi has been 4 It topped the sales list of compact models last month . Such data performance , It also reflects its popularity in the domestic market . At the request of fans , Today we came to the dealer of Dongfeng Nissan , Take a look at 2021 How much is the current terminal discount of Nissan Xuanyi ? Which configuration has the highest cost performance ? Let's take a closer look at .

Look at the following points , This article is half finished 1、2021 Nissan xuanyiyou 8 Models with different configurations , The guide selling price range is 9.98 ten thousand -14.30 Ten thousand yuan , Full system carrying 1.6L Naturally aspirated engine , Divided into high and low power 2 Kind of version , The maximum horsepower of the low-power version is 122Ps, Peak torque is 155N·m; The maximum horsepower of the high-power version is 135Ps, Peak torque is 159N·m. Transmission system , Match the 5 Manual and CVT Stepless gearbox 2 Kind of . At present, the store 2021 paragraph classic 1.6XE Manual comfort 、 and 2021 paragraph 1.6L XL CVT The car source configured by Yuexiang version is quite sufficient , If you buy a car with other configurations, you need to book , After paying the deposit , The delivery time of the vehicle is about 5 Days or so .2、 After consulting , At present, our Shangqiu area 4S The best seller in the store is 2021 paragraph 1.6L XL CVT Enjoy the edition , The guide selling price is 12.99 Ten thousand yuan , This car is currently on sale at 1 All around , Of course, this is normal , The price of the naked car is 11.99 Ten thousand yuan or so .3、 According to the maintenance manual ,2021 The first maintenance mileage of Nissan Xuanyi model is 5000 km ( The first guarantee is free )/3 Months , The subsequent maintenance interval is every 5000 km / Time , Minor maintenance needs 350 element / Time , The maintenance items are oil change and oil filter ( Including labor cost ); Major maintenance 1300/ Time , The maintenance items are oil change 、 Oil filter 、 Air filter 、 Air conditioner filter 、 Antifreeze 、 Brake fluid, etc ( Dry man hour fee ),6 Thousands of kilometers (3 year ) The total routine maintenance cost is about 4900 yuan , It can be seen that the maintenance cost is not high .

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