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Wheelbase increased significantly! The new Tucson L has a beautiful appearance, 1.5T + 7 speed, starting from 160000

2021-08-25 22:34:33 Oriental Information automobile

When I graduated , The first car I bought was the modern Tucson model , That car didn't impress me very much , Space is not as good as domestic brands , The power performance is not as good as that of American brands , The biggest advantage is that the price is not high , And as a joint venture car , I think the grade is OK . It took less than a year to drive , He sold it . Tell the truth , It didn't impress me very much .

Some time ago , A new generation of Tucson L Listed on the , The wheelbase has obviously been lengthened . So let's take stock of the new Tucson today L, Let's see if it has become more competitive ?

Let's first look at the appearance design , Tucson L The whole appearance design of is quite radical , There is no sense of compromise and moderation . The front face is a little similar to the borderless design of modern Elantra models , And the hidden headlights are also very interesting . in general , The front of the car has a strong sense of Technology , It's like coming from the future .

From the side , The body lines are quite rich , The visual effect is quite outstanding , The sense of power is also obvious . Body data section , Tucson L The length, width and height are respectively 4670/1865/1690mm, The wheelbase is 2755mm. Tucson L Compared with competitors at the same price , It has obvious price data advantages . however , Tucson L It's estimated that the new sheet metal design will drive many repairmen crazy .

The rear design is relatively less radical than the front , But the sense of beauty is still very strong , A through tail lamp is used , At night, all the lights can be on . Besides , The tail lamp design with tusk shape derived from the lower part of the tail lamp is also very lethal .

As far as the overall design is concerned , New Tucson L It gives us a bright sense of design , In this age of sameness , Tucson L With a sharp design , Layered body lines , That's a good point , With a high degree of identification . Yes, of course , The disadvantages are obvious , The maintenance process is complicated .

In this Tucson L Internal , It makes me feel a little trance , Is this really a modern model ? The whole central control design uses the design of environmental protection cabin , The screen is equipped with an embedded frameless large screen design , And has four steering wheels , Key shift design . From the whole interior design , New Tucson L No reference to the old design , It looks very fashionable . The driving computer screen is equipped with a full LCD instrument panel , A little sense of future technology , And according to the adjustment of driving mode , You can have background lights of different colors . For the whole interior design , It is particularly publicized , Like the appearance, it has a good sense of science and Technology .

Dynamic part , Tucson L Pick up the 1.5T Turbocharged engine plus seven gear dry double clutch gearbox , This kind of 1.5T The maximum power of the engine 200 horsepower , Peak torque 253N·m, It's using CVT Technology , And it is made of all aluminum , It effectively reduces the weight of the car body . Tucson L Compared with other modern models , The shifting friction of the transmission is reduced , Become more stable .

While driving , Tucson L My starting speed is not very fast , There will be a certain lag when one foot of the accelerator goes down , Not as powerful as expected . But in the middle and later stage , Acceleration shift , With one . During the test drive , We found a new Tucson L The engine noise at high speed is obvious , Therefore, there is room for further improvement of ride comfort at high speed .

summary : A new generation of Tucson L Factory guided price 16.18 000 yuan to 20.18 Ten thousand yuan , Generally speaking, it is a compact product with rich product power SUV. Of course, there are also shortcomings , But overall, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages , Cool look , The trendy interior and the right power system are more mainstream .

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