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Entrepreneurs' families reported that Wei Lai was suspected of destroying forged evidence

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  [ Car home   information ]  recently , We learned from domestic social platforms , The materials provided by Mr. Zheng, a relative and friend of Lin Wenqin, said , Lin Wenqin's family has Weilai Automobile Co., Ltd. is suspected of helping destroy 、 Forge evidence for reporting , Putian Public Security Bureau has accepted . The list of evidence provided by Mr. Zheng includes : A staff member of Weilai company admitted to having private contact with the video of the accident car , Two staff members of Weilai company admitted to having private contact with the recording of the accident car .

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   According to Lin Lihong, a lawyer entrusted by Lin Wenqin's family to represent the case ,“ The family members have reported the case to the public security organ , It is required to investigate the legal responsibility of Weilai company for private contact , at present , The public security organ has accepted . in addition , The sales staff of Weilai company after the incident , No positive response , Instead, he lied to the public that Lin Wenqin fell asleep while driving and other rumors , The family members are very angry , Reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility .”

  8 month 12 On the afternoon of Sunday , Lin Wenqin, founder of Shangshan Ruoshui investment management company and several enterprises , Drive Wei to ES8( Parameters | inquiry ) Car start “ Automatic driving function ” A traffic accident occurred in the Hanjiang section of Shenhai expressway , Unfortunately died , At the age of 31 year .8 month 16 On the afternoon of the th, Wei Lai issued a statement saying , The day of the incident (8 month 12 Japan ) Afternoon , Weilai service personnel cut off power in the parking lot of the accident vehicle , The job itself will not cause data loss . However , Lin Weiwei, Lin Wenqin's relatives and friends, questioned this , He thought that the staff of Weilai pulled the wire and connected it to the back of the trunk , To charge the faulty car wiring , Not as Wei Lai said : Power off the vehicle . New development of Weilai accident | Lin Wenqin's family investigated Wei Lai's legal responsibility for contacting the accident car without permission , The public security organ has accepted .

   before , For the case of a traffic accident caused by Lin Wenqin, a young entrepreneur, driving Weilai's car using the driving assistance system , The relevant traffic police detachment made the following notification :

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   Police report :2021 year 8 month 12 Japan 14 when 18 a.m. , Lin Moumou drives min CD5XXX The No. 1 electric vehicle rear ended and collided in the Hanjiang section of Putian City of Shen Hai expressway. In the same lane in front of it, Li Moumou drove the Min... Under construction A95XXX Rear side of LGV No , Causing the electric vehicle driver Lin Moumou to die on the spot , Truck passenger Wang Moumou was injured , Road traffic accidents in which two vehicles were damaged to varying degrees .

   After the first brigade of our detachment received the alarm , First of all - Time to send personnel to the site for disposal , And quickly carry out on-site investigation according to law 、 Personnel ask 、 Material evidence extraction 、 Entrust appraisal and other accident investigation work . Call on everyone to pay attention to traffic safety , Respect the dead , Do not spread live video pictures . The Ministry of public security and traffic police will determine the responsibility according to law on the basis of accident investigation . More progress on this matter , We also continue to pay attention to .( Source : Financial network ; compile / Car home Zhouyi )

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