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Gaohe teamed up with Dow to launch luxense silicone leather car end application

2021-08-25 23:26:30 Netease automotive industry

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Netease car 8 month 22 Reported Wednesday

8 month 21 Japan , Chinese express and Dow jointly announced in Shanghai , Jointly developed by both parties LUXSENSE️ Silicone leather has been mass produced , The leather will take the lead in Gao He HiPhi X Parameters picture ) On , Provide users with safety and environmental protection 、 A new choice of skin friendly and comfortable interior .

Chinese express Gaohe automobile Founder Ding Lei said :“ Chinese express starts from people , Continue to explore the application of global forward-looking technology in human travel , Committed to working with users to create TECHLUXE New brand experience of technology luxury . As a high-tech enterprise , Through the breakthrough of advanced technology to promote the change of industrial progress is the source power of our enterprise development . As a practical environmentalist , I promote the comprehensive cooperation between the company and Dow , From functional thinking to experiential thinking , It breaks the traditional single cooperation mode between traditional automobile factories and parts suppliers and raw material enterprises , Start directly from upstream material R & D , Based on the world's leading technology ‘ Daybreakers ’ Users create low-carbon and environmentally friendly future travel . Today's products seem to be an innovation of high-tech materials , But it is a great leap forward for our industry and human civilization , It will contribute to a more harmonious coexistence between man and nature .”

Said Dr. Yao Weiguang, chief technology officer of Dow Asia Pacific :“ Dow is committed to achieving a sustainable future with material innovation . Important changes being driven by the transportation industry , For the safety of a new generation of vehicles 、 intelligence 、 Health and comfort experience set higher goals . All these changes put forward new requirements for material science and upstream and downstream cooperation mode . Dow passed MobilityScience platform , Join hands with Chinese express to explore , It will bring innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to the automotive field .”

The world's first silicone leather material , It is Chinese express and Dow that gather global resources , Innovative materials built in three years . Through continuous innovation and breakthrough in technology and R & D , So that it not only has a unique skin touch and delicate hand feel , More wear resistance 、 Aging resistance 、 Antifouling property 、 The flame retardancy has reached a new level , Anti fold 、 Easy to clean , Long lasting superior performance ; And does not contain harmful solvents and plasticizers , Tasteless and nonvolatile , Bring safety and health 、 A new lifestyle of low carbon and environmental protection .

Chinese express and Dow in 2018 Strategic cooperation was reached in 2005 , Based on the “ Smart car 、 Zhijie transportation 、 wisdom City ” Recognition of three wisdom strategy , And the Chinese express vehicle development ability and Dow's innovative strength in the field of material science , Both parties start from upstream materials , Develop safety structures 、 Environmentally friendly interior 、 Joint research and development in multiple directions such as lightweight , More innovative environmental protection materials will be applied to new energy intelligent vehicles .

It is reported that , Chinese express and Dow jointly promote the research and development of innovative materials 12 Many items , Among them, those that have been implemented and applied are 8 term , Except silicone leather , It also includes the acoustic foam displayed at the third China Import fair last year. 、 new type TC Series of innovative achievements such as battery thermal conductive materials . among , Acoustic foam especially for high HiPhi X The feature design of the whole vehicle cavity shall be filled , It can block the sound cavity ,100% eliminate NVH Acoustic cavity resonance , Bring a more quiet and comfortable driving experience ; new type TC The density of series battery thermal conductive materials is lower than that of conventional thermal conductive pads 20% about , At the same time, it meets the requirements of high thermal conductivity and lightweight , It is more in line with the stringent requirements of high-end new energy intelligent vehicles applied in complex environments , While ensuring good battery performance , Improve the fire and flame resistance of battery pack .

The cooperation achievements of both sides have taken the lead in mass production and applied to Gaohe HiPhi X On , This high-end smart electric vehicle has been launched this year 5 In June, the national batch delivery was started according to the established plan , More than 1000 vehicles have been delivered in total , Users have spread all over the country 100 Multiple cities . Gaohe automobile will 9 Officially open in June LUXSENSE️ Fabric selection of light color interior of silicone leather , Let users enjoy first TECHLUXE Technology luxury sensory experience .

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