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Geometric brand positioning has changed, because "lack of core" is "difficult to find one car"

2021-08-25 23:30:33 Netease automotive industry

8 month 18 Japan , geely automobile (00175.HK) Release 2021 The first half of the year . Results show that ,2021 In the first half of , Geely motor's revenue is 450 Billion element , Year-on-year growth 22%; Profit attributable to shareholders after deduction of share based payments 30.2 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 31%, Shareholders should account for the profit 23.8 One hundred million yuan , Net profit 24.1 One hundred million yuan . By the end of this year 6 month 30 Japan , Geely's total cash level reached 199.2 One hundred million yuan .

“ Geely Automobile's performance in the first half of the year is in line with the basic expectations of the company's management .2021 year , Geely Automobile has entered a new development cycle , From last year 9 In June, a vast architecture was launched , And on the basis of this architecture, we have formulated ‘ Blue Geely action one ’ and ‘ Blue Geely action two ’ Strategic planning for . At the same time, it also announced that our products are fully from 3.0 The trend of the times 4.0 Time , And really go global .” Geely Automotive administration President 、 Executive director GUI Shengyue said .

“ Core missing ” The impact is less than that of peers ,2025 The annual sales volume is expected to reach 365 Thousands of cars

In terms of market performance , This year, 1~6 month , Geely's total sales volume is about 63.02 Thousands of cars , Year on year growth of about 19%. among , Led the g automobile 1~6 Monthly cumulative sales exceed 10.78 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 96.98%; A bike ( Hanlingke ) The average income is about 8.42 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year growth 10%.

As sales grow , Geely's profit structure is also more diversified . Results show that , Geely joint venture in the first half of this year ( Lingke and Jizhi Finance ) Net profit growth 62%, Among them, Lingke's net profit increased 144%, Jizhi financial net profit increased 41%; The proportion of profits from technical services and licensing increased to 29%, High end R & D helps technology output and becomes a new highlight of Geely's profit .

picture source : Each by the reporters Sun Tongtong taken ( Data figure )

Good performance , Geely motor has set its sights on a more ambitious goal . In the five-year business development plan formulated by Geely , The enterprise proposed : To 2025 year , The market share ranks first among Chinese brands , Sales of 365 Thousands of cars ( contain Polar krypton automobile ), Among them, intelligent electric vehicles account for more than 30%; Krypton car to 2025 In, the market share of high-end electric vehicles ranked among the top three in the world , Sales of 65 Thousands of cars .

According to the reporter , The management of Geely Automobile Company will analyze the specific contents of its five-year plan in the near future .

however , Now with “ Core missing ” The problem is growing in the automotive industry , Geely also faces challenges .

8 month 17 Japan , Bosch ( China ) Xu Daquan, executive vice president of Investment Co., Ltd., said in wechat circle of friends , A chip supplier's factory in Mapo County, Malaysia, is suffering from a new epidemic , After closing the factory for several weeks, he was asked by the local government to continue to close the production line to 8 month 21 Japan , Makes Bosch ESP/IPB、VCU and TCU When the chip is directly affected , expect 8 The power supply was basically cut off in the later part of the month .

“ last year 6 month , Geely began to sort out the bottlenecks in the whole automobile industry chain , More keenly found in the field of chips , The car will be a big challenge . last year 8 End of month , Geely has set up a mass material department in the supply chain procurement company , From last year 9 Month begins , We have some chips in reserve , Some core suppliers are also jointly locked . meanwhile , A lot of work has also been done in the localization alternatives of chips , Solved a lot of problems . Besides , Using global supply chain management system , Collaborative Volvo 、 Proton 、 Lutes et al , Mobilize global resources to overcome the challenges we face .” Geely motor group CEO Gan Jiayue is accepting 《 The daily economic news 》 The reporter said in an interview , Although the impact of uncertainties caused by chip shortage is still difficult to assess , But Geely will be less affected than its peers in this regard .

But Gan Jiayue also revealed , At present, due to “ Core missing ” problem , Geometry presents “ A car is hard to get ”, Some dealers have sold exhibition cars , Subsequently, Geely Automobile will seek resources from all parties , Give priority to ensuring the production of new energy vehicles .

Geometric brand positioning has changed , Krypton sword finger 65 Thousands of cars

This year, 3 month , Geely released “ Two blue Geely action plans ”. among ,“ Blue action plan 1 ” Focus on intelligent energy-saving and small displacement new energy vehicles , Including hybrids 、 Add program plug-in hybrid ;“ Blue Action Plan II ” Focus on high-end intelligent pure electric vehicles , The new krypton intelligent technology company is actively participating in the competition in the intelligent pure electric vehicle market .

picture source : Each by the reporters Zhang Jian taken ( Data figure )

“‘ Two blue action plans ’ It not only retains Geely's advantages in the field of intelligent energy-saving and new energy vehicles , It has also opened up a new situation of high-end pure electric intelligent vehicles , Make due contribution to global carbon neutralization action .” Chairman of Geely Automobile Group 、 Krypton smart technology CEO An Conghui said in an interview with reporters .

according to the understanding of ,“ Blue action plan 1 ” Geely Automobile is mainly responsible for . Geely motor plans to launch a new power brand within this year , Strive to build Geely GHS2.0 Intelligent hybrid system . according to the understanding of ,GHS2.0 The intelligent hybrid system will be first installed in “ Chinese star ” Series products , And in 3 Geely was successively carried during the year 10 The remaining new models , For the first time “ China's power ” Supply the world .

meanwhile , Geely will also focus on geometric brands .“ Geometric brand will focus on the popular electric vehicle market , Focus on creating products with high product price ratio , Form a differentiated joint force with the high-end brand of krypton , Fully develop China's electric vehicle market .” Gan Jiayue revealed .

actually , At the beginning of the birth of the geometric brand , Geely has high hopes for it , Position it as a high-end new energy brand , But it is “ High low ”, It's hard to improve . The first product of geometric brand The geometric A Parameters picture ) Claim to be “ The best electric car in the old world ”, But sales were flat , The current geometric A、 The geometric C All compact models , It's hard to produce “ High-end ” effect . Now , Geometric brand positioning turns to the popular electric vehicle market , And accelerate the layout to get out of the dilemma .

“ from 3 January to now , We spent a lot of time on geometric brands , Mainly focus on the sales of existing products , Push TOP20 The dealer made great efforts , Improve store management , Attract excellent people to join Geely's marketing team . at present , Geometry's sales have increased significantly ,7 Sales in January 7052 car ,1~7 The cumulative monthly sales volume increased year on year 184%. In the second half of the year , Geometry will be launched for the mainstream of the public A00 First class electric vehicle products , It is expected to break through the monthly sales in the short term 1 Thousands of cars .” Gan Jiayue said .

“ Blue Action Plan II ” Mainly undertaken by krypton cars .“ Krypton car to 2025 To achieve the top three market share in the world , Sales of 65 Thousands of cars , This goal is based on the vast structure and since the establishment of polar krypton , And the overall layout of the whole intelligent electric vehicle industry in the early stage , We are very confident , Also have the ability to achieve this goal .” An Conghui said .

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