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Malaysian chips were shut down due to the epidemic, and some Bosch chips were cut off after August

2021-08-25 23:31:32 Netease automotive industry

Malaysia, known as the important production town of semiconductor packaging and testing , The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is intensifying. .

8 month 18 Japan , The Ministry of health of Malaysia informed that , By noon of that day 12 when , The country's past 24 New confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia 22242 example , It reached a new high since the outbreak of the epidemic . in the past 7 In the day , The cumulative number of newly confirmed cases in Malaysia is more than 14.5 Ten thousand cases , The average number of new cases per day exceeds 2 Ten thousand cases .

Under the influence of the epidemic , Some chip bases in Malaysia are “ paralysis ” state , This may further aggravate the global crisis “ Core missing ” The crisis .

“ Malaysia of a semiconductor chip supplier Muar The factory is suffering from a new epidemic , Following the closing of the factory a few weeks ago , Last night, the local government asked to close some production lines to 8 month 21 Japan . Bosch ESP/IPB、VCU、TCU When the chip is directly affected , expect 8 The power supply was basically cut off in the later part of the month .”8 month 17 Japan , Bosch ( China ) Executive vice president of Investment Co., Ltd President Xu Daquan released a circle of friends saying . Regarding this ,《 The daily economic news 》 The reporter asked Bosch for confirmation , The other party said there were no more details to share .

The epidemic forced the closure and testing of the supply chain

The epidemic is the reason why Malaysia's chip manufacturing industry has been greatly impacted .

According to Xu Daquan , Semiconductor chip supplier Malaysia Muar Factory 3000 Among many employees , Sacrifice due to disease 20 A number of , Hundreds of people are infected , Facing the test of life and death .

As early as 8 month 11 Japan , nissan The car also announced , Due to the outbreak of an epidemic at a chip factory in Malaysia , Resulting in a shortage of chip supply , Make the factory in Smyrna, Tennessee, USA since 8 month 9 Two weeks from the date of suspension , forecast 8 month 30 Day back to work .

Disclosure of information , Malaysia has always played an important role in the global semiconductor packaging and testing market , It is the seventh largest exporter of semiconductor products in the world . at present , There are more than 50 A semiconductor factory has set up a factory locally , Most are multinational corporations , Like Intel 、 Ying Feiling 、 Italian French semiconductor 、 NXP 、 Sun and moonlight, etc . Southeast Asia's market share in the global sealed test is 27%, among , Malaysia's sealing and testing business accounts for nearly 100% of the world 13% Market share .

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Chip packaging is a part of the chip production process , Specifically, it refers to cutting qualified wafers 、 Welding wire 、 Plastic encapsulation , Then through the installation “ Shell ” Provide physical protection for the chip and make the chip circuit electrically connected with external devices .

“ The chip production process is very complex , Basically, all enterprises work in cooperation , There are enterprises to carry out design links , SMIC and other enterprises are manufacturing links , Sun moonlight and other enterprises do sealing and testing links . among , Chip packaging is not a very technical job .” A chip practitioner told reporters , In his opinion , The high market share of packaging business in Malaysia is due to its low local labor cost .

According to public information ,2019 Malaysia exported a total of 3727 RM100 million ( Reduced contract 5695 Billion element RMB ) Electronic products and related parts , It accounted for nearly half of the country's foreign trade exports in that year 38% Share .

In order to control COVID-19 , Malaysia has long been 6 month 1 The date of “ a feudal state ” Two weeks . But according to CCTV news previously reported , Originally scheduled for 6 month 28 At the end of the day “ Complete blockade ” The measures will be extended again . Malaysian Prime Minister mukhedin did not explain “ Complete blockade ” When will the measure be extended . Affected by the epidemic , At present, the Malaysian government requires that the factory production line can only maintain 10%~20% Low level human operation . Industry insiders say , This is equivalent to maintaining the status of the production line without shutdown , Almost impossible to produce . Some analysts think , The load reduction of Malaysian chip packaging production line may further aggravate the global crisis “ Core missing ” The status quo of .

“ Core missing ” Has affected car sales

according to the understanding of , Malaysia Muar The factory is mainly Bosch's ESP、VCU、TCU And other products .“8 Late month , These products are basically out of supply .” Xu Daquan estimated that .

As the world's largest auto parts supplier , Bosch's customers mainly include brilliance BMW 、 faw - The public 、 FAW liberation 、 Chang'an Automobile, etc , The supply failure of Bosch chips will also affect the level of automobile manufacturing .

in fact , He Xiaopeng, founder of Xiaopeng automobile, has said :“ It's more bitter to pull out the core and cut off the supply , Raise your glass to drown your sorrows .” Li Bin, chairman of Weilai automobile, also said in the second quarter financial report teleconference recently , The new outbreak in Malaysia has brought uncertainty to the chip supply , It even has an impact on the global automobile supply chain .“ Weilai has made some countermeasures , At present, the impact on Weilai is still under control .” Li bin said .

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“ The chip problem was really unexpected , But SAIC has worked hard in the automotive industry for many years , Partners from all sides give us strong support and care at critical times , The group will also do a good job in production and marketing coordination , Fully protect the chip .” SAIC executives told reporters .

For all that , The lack of core has long been reflected in the automobile production end . The latest data of China Automobile Association shows ,7 month , China's automobile output is about 186.3 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 15.5%.“ Chip shortage from 6 The impact on the domestic auto market began to intensify in June , Therefore, the production and sales of domestic passenger cars have declined year-on-year for three consecutive months .” Chen Shihua, Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Industry Association, said .

At the end market level , Car sales are also beginning to emerge affected by the shortage of chips .“ Because of the chip problem , Automobile production has indeed been affected . In the context of chip shortage , The production schedule of some vehicles will be postponed or no longer produced . With CS75 PLUS For example , The manufacturer will produce later 2022 models , Other models are no longer produced . at present , There are few stock cars .” A salesperson of Chang'an Automobile told reporters .

Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the national passenger vehicle market information Federation, thinks , From the perspective of domestic market , Joint venture cars and luxury cars will be more affected .“ But don't be too nervous in the face of chip shortage , I believe the market supply will improve significantly in the fourth quarter .” Cui Dong tree said .

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