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General Motors announced the recall of all Chevrolet bolt battery supplier LG will compensate for the losses

2021-08-25 23:34:15 TechWeb

Compared with fuel vehicles , The mass stability of electric vehicles becomes more important . And after the battery has quality problems , You may also claim directly from the battery supplier , Recall responsibilities have also become more complex and diverse .

recently , As report goes , General Motors has decided to recall all Bolt( Include new Bolt EUV) models . Compared with the previous recall Bolte Compared with electric cars , The recall should be more comprehensive .

GM says ,Bolt The battery used may have two rare manufacturing defects , That is, the battery anode is damaged and the battery diaphragm is wrinkled . These defects will increase the risk of battery fire , Therefore, GM will replace the defective battery module .

The recall cost GM extra 100 Ten thousand dollars in cost , GM says , Battery supplier LG Compensation should be paid for this .

After investigation, general motors found that , Some by LG South Korea Ochang factory ( The defective battery was originally found in ) Manufacturing defects also exist in battery cells produced in production facilities other than .

At present , GM is working with LG Work closely to improve the output of replacing battery modules .

Besides , It is worth mentioning that , This is not LG First recall claim .

In this year 2 month , Hyundai announced a worldwide recall of 8 Million vehicles KONA and IONIQ Electric cars , The reason is from the beginning KONA Electric cars are in 2018 After years of listed , Received a total of 14 Battery fire report .

After investigation, we found that , The cause of the vehicle fire is , Some high voltage battery system components are defective , May cause a short circuit , Thus causing the vehicle to catch fire .

The battery supplier of this batch of vehicles ——LG Chemistry will bear the cost of the recall 70%. And modern expression , The recall is expected to cost 1 Trillions of the won ( renminbi 60 One hundred million yuan ).

meanwhile , Because of this recall , Hyundai Motor to Korea LG The battery supply capacity of chemistry is important for safety , Have some doubts , It may transfer the battery order of modern electric vehicles to Ningde times, a Chinese battery manufacturer .

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