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How did the architecture evolve?

2021-08-25 23:53:49 58 Shen Jian

A closed door exchange , Invite everyone to face base .

Voice over : This time I finally arrived in Beijing .

event : Benchmarking Leaders Club , Visit the unicorn chapter 30 period

Sponsor unit : Benchmarking Leaders Club

Co sponsor : Take a taxi

Time :8.14( Saturday )

place : Beijing , Quick Dog Taxi headquarters

Voice over : Near Lishuiqiao South subway station .

topic of conversation

15:00《 Innovative ideas for fast Dog Taxi Business 》KG Shen Jian

16:00《 Fast Dog Taxi products, past and present life 》KG Product experts

17:00《 Evolution of fast Dog Taxi technology architecture 》KG chief architect

What are the benefits ?

10 A place to communicate behind closed doors .

What are the requirements for participation ?

(1) For business innovation , product , Technical interest ;

(2) In Beijing, , I'm sure I can come to the scene ;

 How to apply for ?
 Leave a comment on the following information , You can participate in :
 full name ,title, company , The reason why I want to participate in closed door communication 

 for example :
 Zhang San , Architects ,XX company , Learn about product and architecture innovation and evolution 

 Voice over : If not enough 10 people , All invited to ;
 If exceeded 10 people , I pull a group lottery .

Looking forward to face base , To know everything , can .

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