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Wulingyuan District held a conference on the resumption of work and production of the education line project

2021-08-26 00:02:49 Red Net

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Red net moment Wulingyuan 8 month 22 - ( Intern reporter Li Pengfei correspondent Jiang LAN )8 month 22 Japan , Deputy Secretary of Wulingyuan District Party committee 、 Acting district head Wu Yuping presided over the regional education line project resumption meeting , Listen to the report on the preparation for resumption of each project , Arrange and deploy the work of returning to work, production and school . District leader Li Wei 、 Tang Li attended the meeting .

Wu Yuping pointed out , The education line project is an important support for the development of education , It concerns the vital interests of the masses , It is an important livelihood project , All departments at all levels should attach great importance to , We will do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production of education line projects ; We should strengthen the linkage between departments , Strengthen industry supervision , Optimize service efficiency , Urge enterprises to implement various measures for epidemic prevention and control , Resume work and production steadily and orderly . Each construction unit shall, on the premise of implementing normalized epidemic prevention and control measures , Backward schedule , Catch the progress , Strengthen construction safety management , Promote the construction of education line project with quality and quantity , Ensure that the set goals and tasks are completed on time . The education system should be positive , Arrange the teaching plan reasonably , Strictly implement all measures for epidemic prevention and control , Actively make preparations for returning to school ; We should move forward in an orderly manner “ I do practical things for the masses ” project 、 The education projects such as the maintenance and transformation of the teaching building of No. 1 middle school and the construction of vocational high school have resumed work and production , Constantly improve the construction of basic supporting facilities for education and teaching , Promote the high-quality and balanced development of education and teaching in the whole region , We will work hard to ensure that the people are satisfied with education .

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