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The number of "small fat mounds" in rural areas is increasing year by year, which can not be ignored

2021-08-26 00:02:55 Red Net

writing / Xu Guiyuan

recently , The National Health Commission held a press conference , Zhao Wenhua, chief expert of nutrition of China CDC, introduced at the meeting : In our country 6-17 The rate of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents is nearly 20%,6 The overweight and obesity rate of children under years old exceeds 10%. Of particular note is 6 The problem of overweight and obesity under the age of , Especially obesity , The countryside surpasses the city .2015 year , The China Social Science Survey Center of Peking University adopts the age standard of the World Health Organization , To China 25 provinces 1.6 The results of a sample survey of more than 10000 families show that , Chinese countryside 、 The proportion of mild obesity and above in urban and urban children is 24.62%、15.04% and 13.58%, The obesity rate of rural children is significantly higher than that of urban and urban children .(8 month 21 Japan 《 Farmers Daily 》)

rural “ Little Fatty ” Increasing year by year , To optimize China's population structure 、 Improve population quality , It's definitely a big shock . Regarding this , Experts call for : Parents must help their children develop good eating habits from an early age , Achieve adequate physical activity , Try your best to reduce static behavior time and screen time , Encourage children to drink more water , Control the child to “ partial eclipse ” and “ Eating snacks ”.

In the past ,“ Little Fatty ” See more in cities , Now , In the countryside “ Little Fatty ” it is often seen , The problem of childhood obesity has attracted great attention of the Party Central Committee and the State Council .2016 In 《“ Healthy China 2030” Plan for 》 in , It is clearly pointed out that we should strengthen the prevention and treatment of obesity .2019 In 《 Healthy China action (2019-2030)》 I mentioned , We should guide children to eat a scientific and balanced diet 、 Strengthen physical exercise 、 Achieve comprehensive prevention and intervention of childhood obesity . Relevant departments have also taken effective measures to prevent and control childhood obesity .2020 National Health Commission 、 The Ministry of education and other six departments issued 《 Implementation plan for obesity prevention and control of children and adolescents 》, Four key tasks are defined : Strengthening family responsibility , Give full play to the role of parents and caregivers ; Strengthen school responsibility , Maintain a healthy weight for children and adolescents ; Strengthen the responsibility of medical and health institutions , Optimize weight management services ; Strengthen government responsibility , Strengthen supporting environmental construction . and ,《 programme 》 Different targets have also been set at the national and regional levels , Put forward specific action measures . But in practice , Exist in varying degrees “ Big talk and little rain ”、 Not enough strength 、 A phenomenon that has no obvious effect . This situation cannot be ignored .

According to the survey , rural “ Little Fatty ” Increasing year by year , The main reason is that the living conditions in rural areas are improving day by day , Every family is getting rich , Children are at home “ Centrality ”, Be regarded as “ eye ” and “ Sweetheart ”, Food, clothing and everything . Especially in the daily diet, there is no control 、 Children's food is more colorful 、 There is a wide variety of , Good for children “ Attractive force ”, Children have “ Eating snacks ” The habit of . In addition, many parents in rural areas go out to work , Children are usually left to the care of the elderly on both sides , experienced “ Poor days ” and “ days of hardship ” The old man of , I'd rather economize on food and clothing , Don't be stingy with your children , I often hear some old people say , Now the living conditions are good , You can't “ bitter ” The child . therefore , Let the child eat uncontrollably , Snacks are even more casual , More indulgent .

meanwhile , In the countryside , Many old people have misunderstandings in their ideas , I think as long as the child grows “ White and fat ”“ Stocky and plump ”, Is strong 、 A symbol of family wealth . Some old people think , Children grow up when they are young “ A little fat ”, Don't worry about growing up “ Good body ”, It will be natural “ Lose weight ”. 18 changes in a woman , The more beautiful it becomes , It will become fashionable “ beauty ”; Men's eighteen changes , When you grow up, you will become big and round “ Big brother ” true man . This deep-rooted traditional misconception must be completely eradicated .

What is worrying and overwhelming is , The countryside is a vast consumer market , A lot of high sugar 、 High calorie junk food is also called fake “ Cottage food ” Continuously flowing into the countryside , Very popular with children , To some extent, it weakens the normal eating of children's dinner . And some KFC 、 McDonald's 、 Foreign fast food and takeout have also become popular in rural areas , This is an important cause of obesity in rural children . Some parents and the elderly are considering the safety of their children , Weekdays, especially summer vacation 、 During the winter vacation and since the epidemic prevention and control , I'd rather let the children “ house ” Watch TV cartoons at home 、 Play with mobile phones and other toys , I don't want my children to go out and run around or “ have an outing ”. thus , Outdoor activities are reduced and limited to some extent , It is also another factor for children to grow meat and gain weight .

Children are the future of our country , The hope of the nation . Strengthen the education and guidance of minors , It is the responsibility of the whole society to let children grow up healthily , It is directly related to the rise and fall of the Chinese nation and the long-term stability of the country . therefore , We must face up to the problem of childhood obesity with a long-term strategic vision , We should make sure that we are early 、 Catch the little 、 Fine grasp 、 Firm , Achieve remarkable results as soon as possible .

First, face the countryside , Take many forms , Use all publicity tools , Spread and popularize scientific and healthy nutrition knowledge , Educate and guide children to develop normal habits “ Eat ”、 Consciously control “ snacks ” Good habits . Secondly, urge children's parents and the elderly, especially to change the traditional concept of diet , Strictly control children's bad eating habits , Take good care of children with modern educational ideas and management methods , Earnestly assume the responsibility of guardianship of children .

Third, it is aimed at the actual situation that children spend most of their time in school all year round , Schools should carry out education on healthy diet and nutritious recipes , Formulate a scientific nutritional catering plan conducive to the healthy growth of children , Let children know what food has nutritional value 、 What food is harmful to physical and mental health , Improve children's cognitive ability and risk resistance , Internalize in the heart 、 Externalize in line , Develop good eating habits since childhood . meanwhile , Schools should set up standardized 、 Diversified physical education courses , Prevent being randomly occupied by other courses .

Fourth, the school should do well “ Little Fatty ” Psychological counseling for students . Some because of obesity , They are often criticized by their classmates “ For fun ” and “ ridicule ”, Easy to produce “ Inferiority complex ”、 And even “ Drop out ” The phenomenon . Regarding this , Schools should do a good job in psychological counseling for obese students , Eliminate the psychological barriers of obese students .

Fifth, strengthen the supervision of children's food in an all-round way , Keep children away from junk food , Reduce the consumption of all kinds of children's food with high sugar consumption . This can effectively reduce “ Little Fatty ” The number of is increasing year by year , So as to relieve parents' anxiety 、 The pain of society , Let the flowers of the motherland bloom brilliantly , Carrying the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation !

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