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Migrant workers are discriminated against when buying Nike. Where does identity discrimination come from?

2021-08-26 00:03:05 Red Net

If you walk into a shop , The clerk thinks you can't afford to spend and despises discrimination , How would you feel ?

8 month 21 Japan , The discrimination of Nike saleswomen against migrant workers taking their children to buy clothes has aroused heated discussion . Migrant workers are discriminated against by shop assistants because of their broken clothes , The clerk snatched the clothes selected by the customer and even talked with the customer “ Use both hands and feet ”. This shows the low quality of service personnel , The issue of identity discrimination reflected by the incident deserves special attention .

actually , Identity discrimination is a social disease . It's not just the individual behavior of Nike store employees , It is also a concentrated expression of the concept of social distinction . Reject identity discrimination , You need to understand the cause first .

First , The concept of social distinction is inherent , Because most people in social life will understand and imagine the social structure according to their own experience and observation , And give the position of others and yourself in this structure . obviously , According to their familiar experience , That is to say “ Wear old work clothes with holes ” This appearance determines that the customer's position does not match that of Nike , So as to create social malice of exclusion and discrimination with discourse violence , Heartbreaking .

secondly , The emergence of the concept of social distinction is the objective reflection of social and economic differences in the head , When socio-economic differences tend to be significant , People's concept of social distinction is stronger and clearer . At present, social development has entered a mature stage , Social and economic differences are more obvious . thus , People consciously distinguish , The concept of social distinction is also clearer , The difference of economic income has become the main social standard . Behind the discrimination against migrant workers by Nike employees , It links consumer behavior with consumer identity “ Social experience ” The reflection of . Old overalls , Low income groups , Can't afford Nike's “ High consumption ” Behavior , The concept of social distinction based on economic income is reflected in the consumption events of identity discrimination .

Again , In addition to positioning others , The key to the incident is the clerk's positioning . After building the framework of social structure in your mind , People will set a position for themselves within the framework . The clerk thinks Nike is a high consumer “ senior ” product , And as its clerk, it's natural “ superior ”. First, whether Nike's clothes and shoes are high-grade products or not , As a service person , The salesperson's positioning of himself is not accurate . It's all... In essence “ Workers ”, All workers , Why is it more noble than migrant workers ? Labor Law No 12 Stipulated in article , Employment , Not because of nationality 、 race 、 Gender 、 Discrimination due to different religious beliefs . As the migrant workers involved said ,“ There is no distinction between high and low ”, By any standard , Should not be a reason for discrimination .

Differences in social identity do not equal inequality , Nor is it a reason for discrimination . There are objective differences in social economy , There is also a different division of labor in workers' occupations , The difference is objective , The concept of inequality is subjective , It is an acquired value judgment . The concept of identity discrimination is not and should not be the inevitable result of differences .

Reject identity discrimination , We should establish the standard of value judgment with the socialist core values . Cultivate the concept of equality of every citizen , Hold a heart of awe and respect , To defend oneself is the due dignity of others .

writing / Lu Chunhua ( Chongqing University )

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