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Migrant workers are "discriminated" by Nike employees. How can services take people by their "appearance"

2021-08-26 00:03:08 Red Net

In recent days, , One “ Migrant workers exposed themselves to Nike clerks ‘ discrimination ’” The news caused heated discussion among netizens . According to the extreme news 8 month 20 Reported Wednesday , A week ago , Mao Zhigao's family of migrant workers 5 I came to a Nike franchise store for 3 A child buys new clothes , They were discriminated against for wearing worn clothes and old cloth shoes , The younger son finally picked up the good clothes and was robbed by the clerk and put them back in place , The wife and the shop assistant were abused and had a physical conflict . Afterwards, Mao Zhigao gave feedback to Nike staff , But until it happened 6 I didn't get a reply until days later . At present, the saleswoman has been dismissed .

Ben is happily taking the children to buy new clothes , But they are openly discriminated against because of their clothes , The taste is really uncomfortable . The clerk is in a service position but will “ The customer is god ” Throw your creed into the gutter , Such behavior not only makes people see her bad service attitude and lack of professional quality , It also makes people see the narrowness of judging people by appearance .

Judging people by their appearance at work can only narrow their path , Prejudice and narrowness will eventually ruin personal work and future . As a clerk of a well-known brand , In the face of all kinds of customers, we should have a tolerant mind and an equal service attitude , This can not only win the trust of customers, but also broaden their career path . However , In the whole event , The clerk was “ Judge people by outward appearance ” And treat customers differently . From the strange look at the beginning to the blatant verbal abuse later , Behind its arrogance is nothing more than brand awareness “ Self superiority ” And prejudice against customers' clothes . Now , Her discriminatory behavior not only makes her known to thousands of people , And lost his job , It's your fault .

For a brand that wants to be sustainable , Indulging employees in judging people by their appearance is undoubtedly dispelling the customer trust accumulated over the years , Break up the company's reputation . The words and deeds of the brand clerk represent the image of Nike to a great extent , The behavior of the staff in the incident undoubtedly brought disaster to the brand , Cause adverse public opinion influence . The client brought his children to Nike store to buy clothes out of trust in the brand , It has been unfairly treated and should be highly valued and replied in time by the company . However , The company's negative response and handling methods are disappointing , Whether this is conniving at the discriminatory behavior of employees in a disguised form ? Now , The experience of the parties not only cast a shadow on the brand by their families , It also makes the public question Nike .

In economic life , Behind the difference between judging people by appearance is the value orientation of loving the rich and hating the poor , In our daily life, it is not uncommon to judge people by their appearance . transit 、 Workers on the subway 、 Migrant workers' friends are afraid of being disliked by others , I have to sit on the ground ; Sell ticket 、 Bank counter , Some salesmen will glance at you and then decide the tone of voice they want to talk to you ; And in some so-called high-end shopping malls and restaurants , Your simple dress may attract the attention of waiters and security guards . The phenomenon of judging people by their appearance must have “ Appearance ” The root of dividing people into three, six, nine and so on , This root may come from human nature , But there are also more narrow prejudices retained in society . In this case , The Nike clerk will “ Poorly dressed ” And “ Can't afford to buy ” Hang the hook ?

In the service industry ,“ Watch the people ” The phenomenon of is not uncommon , But people can't be so narrow that they can only tolerate money . Give everyone a little more respect , Maybe it will become your future wealth .

writing / Wei Zehong ( Hunan Business University )

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