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"Tianfu Youth League" is coming out. Don't let idols pit teenagers at a young age

2021-08-26 00:03:12 Red Net

8 month 20 Japan ,“ Tianfu Youth League ” Announced its official debut in Chengdu , The average age of the members of this idol group is only eight , The child's tender face is painted with thick makeup , On the stage, it shows maturity and sophistication that do not belong to this age . After the video of the press conference was uploaded to the microblog, it immediately aroused heated discussion among netizens .

Idol is an industry with huge market demand , But sometimes “ Existence is not necessarily reasonable ”. from “TF boys” In China, we have opened up a market for cultivating young idols , Idol groups are gradually showing a trend of younger age . These children who come into contact with the entertainment industry too early , Whether it is sought after or criticized by public opinion , All bear the weight that does not belong to their age .

Meeting the market demand can certainly obtain huge economic income , But it should not be at the expense of children's healthy growth .“TF boys” It is a model of youth and fame , It also makes Fengjun of the company earn a lot . However, the success of individual cases does not mean that this model is omnipotent , Its non replicability is obvious . The second generation launched by Shidai Fengjun while the iron is hot “ Typhoon boy ” The group was dissolved less than a year later , Created by Lehua entertainment, a well-known brokerage company in China “yh boys” Has long given up operation 、 There is no such mission . For an uncertain future , This article “ shortcut ” How long can you walk ?

Famous actor Ma Yili once mentioned in his microblog : Before the age of 18, it is time to lay a cultural foundation , If those who study art want to go wider and longer , There is no solid cultural foundation, especially the ability of literary understanding , Can't stand long-term competition . Twelve 、 Three years old is the golden age for children to grow up , Lack of complete knowledge education 、 campus life , Premature professional training will keep children closed in a small area , Separate from the world .

Throughout the entertainment world ,“ Nine year compulsory education ” it is often seen . Once abandoned by capital , They lack social awareness and necessary means of making a living , The situation is worrying . meanwhile , The values of children who enter the entertainment industry without receiving a complete compulsory education have not yet formed , Lack of judgment on external information , Lack of control over one's own behavior , Easily coerced by desire and began to expand 、 Lose oneself . From a social point of view , The phenomenon of younger idols , One is to let teenagers at the best learning age compete to follow suit and enter the entertainment industry , The second is to promote the younger age of fans . Idols are younger , It's not just a harm to the individual , It is also not conducive to creating a healthy growth environment for minors .

Compared with other idol groups , Public opinion is right “ Tianfu Youth League ” More rational appeals : Don't let innocent children enter society too early , Become a profit-making tool for capital . Twelve or thirteen year old boy embarked on the road of becoming famous as an idol , Behind such a choice, there are often fame and wealth factors in the adult world . When children should enrich themselves 、 When you grow up healthily , Premature exposure and consumption , It is a kind of "seedling" . recently , The central network information office started “ Qinglang ·‘ Rice circle ’ Rectify the chaos ” Special operation , It is also further standardizing the whole idol market . Work together to set up the rules , Curb the wild growth of Pan entertainment , It is necessary for minors to return to normal life .

writing / Guo Ke ( Hunan University )

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