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Yongzhou CDC released warm tips on epidemic prevention and control on August 22

2021-08-26 00:11:58 Red Net

Recently, local cases were found among overseas cargo aircraft operators at Shanghai Pudong airport .8 month 20 solstice 8 month 21 Japan , Confirmed cases were reported one after another 5 example , They are all foreign cargo aircraft operators .8 month 20 Japan , Chuanhuan South Road, Chuansha new town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 1049 Longhuayuan community and Yanchao highway in Pudong New Area 798 Jinjiang Star ( Donghai Town store ) Upgrade to medium risk area ,8 month 21 Japan , Hui Road, Zhuqiao Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 280 Nongqianhuiyuan Yicun community and Ganhui Road, Zhuqiao Town, Pudong New Area 1000 Nongzhu Heyuan North District is listed as a medium risk area . For scientific and accurate epidemic prevention and control , Strictly prevent epidemic situation , Yongzhou CDC gives the following emergency tips to the general public :

One 、 Active reporting .2021 year 8 month 4 There has been a history of living in Songjiang District of Shanghai since the 20th ,8 month 6 Permanent returnees with a history of living in Pudong New Area of Shanghai and confirmed cases 、 Asymptomatic infected persons whose action trajectories intersect or whose health code is red and yellow , Please contact your local community immediately ( The village ) The report , Cooperate in nucleic acid detection , Implement relevant prevention and control measures such as medical observation .

Two 、 Careful travel . Please pay close attention to China's 、 Information dynamics in high risk areas , Do not travel to medium and high risk areas unless necessary . If you really need to go , Be sure to report to your community in advance ( The village ) And unit reporting , And make personal protection , Try not to go to crowded places , Reduce the risk of infection ; After returning to immortality , Take the initiative to the community ( The village ) Or the work unit reports relevant information , COVID-19 nucleic acid detection as soon as possible. , Cooperate and implement epidemic prevention and control measures as required .

3、 ... and 、 Focus on health code . Pay close attention to the health changes of yourself and your family , If red code or yellow code appears , Please take the initiative to the local community at the first time ( The village ) The report . At the same time, do a good job of personal protection , Actively cooperate with local disease control institutions and communities to carry out investigation and verification 、 Nucleic acid detection 、 Health monitoring 、 focus ( Home ) Isolation and other prevention and control measures .

Four 、 Health protection . General public access to the airport 、 Station 、 The mall 、 The supermarket 、 farm product market 、 Hotels are crowded 、 Public places with closed environment , Wear a mask , Actively cooperate in body temperature measurement 、 Health code 、 Verification of travel card and vaccination information . Develop the habit of wearing masks 、 wash hands more often 、 Always ventilate 、 Don't pile up 、 One meter distance 、 Serving of individual dishes and other good hygiene practices ; There is fever 、 cough 、 Sore throat 、 weak 、 Diarrhea and other symptoms , Timely go to the nearest fever clinic for diagnosis and treatment , Personal protection during medical treatment , Avoid public transport .

5、 ... and 、 vaccination . Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most economical way to vaccinated COVID-19 vaccine. 、 The most effective means , It is also the right and obligation of every citizen . Please have no vaccination contraindications 12 People aged over and above are vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. , Reduce the risk of severe illness and death , Jointly build population immune barrier , Prevention of COVID-19 infection .

Yongzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention

2021 year 8 month 22 Japan

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