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384 science and technology commissioners in Xiangxiang serve the grass-roots level and insert science and technology "wings" for Rural Revitalization

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Hongwang Xiangxiang railway station 8 month 20 - ( The reporter Wen Ke )8 month 19 Japan , Reporter from 2021 It was learned at the work promotion meeting of Xiangxiang science and Technology Commissioner in , This year, , The city has chosen 384 A science and Technology Commissioner went into the countryside 、 Enter the enterprise 、 Go to the hospital , Carry out various forms of technical services , Explore new ways for science and technology to serve rural areas , To promote the revitalization of the countryside . Municipal leader Zhang Xiangdong 、 Li Jiayu attended the meeting .

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The team of science and technology commissioners is an important talent support for Rural Revitalization .2021 year , Our city innovates the service mode of science and Technology , We are committed to consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation and effective connection with rural revitalization . Science and Technology Commissioner's service highlights team tackling key problems . Combined with practical work , Close by area 、 The principle of talent sharing has established 4 A special service mission for agricultural science and Technology , Guided by mutual observation 、 Technical tour support and professional knowledge lectures , We will develop agricultural technology at the grass-roots level in rural areas 、 planning 、 gardens 、 Greening and other guidance services . Strengthen technical training for the team of science and technology commissioners . Establish a centralized training mechanism , Organize planting every year 、 Livestock and aquatic products 、 The person in charge or technical director of Forestry fruit and wood projects shall have technical training of not less than 3 Time , Each science and technology service group shall hold a symposium at least every year 2 Time .

Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee 、 Minister of organization 、 Zhang Xiangdong, head of the Municipal Science and Technology Commissioner work coordination group, asked , Science and technology commissioners should improve their political position , Show responsibility in joining the national strategy , Be a good publicity team for the policy of agriculture, rural areas and farmers 、 Disseminators of agricultural science and Technology 、 The leader of scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship 、 The leader of Rural Revitalization ; We should cultivate the feelings of serving the people , Be a good technician 、 The waiter 、 propagandist , Earnestly undertake the communication of Science 、 The responsibility and mission of promoting technology ; Time should be strengthened 、 project 、 Incentives and other elements guarantee , We should focus on revitalizing and enriching the peasants and form a working force , For Rural Revitalization 、 Provide scientific and technological support and talent support for high-quality economic development .

The meeting also commended a number of advanced units in the work of science and technology commissioners 、 Advanced individuals and outstanding technology commissioners .

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