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Zhangjiajie Federation of trade unions: the epidemic prevention and control is stronger and more temperature

2021-08-26 00:12:33 Red Net

Red net time correspondent   Qin Ye Sort out the reports

Since the outbreak , Zhangjiajie Federation of trade unions actively responded to the call of the municipal Party committee and municipal government , Quickly organize all cadres and workers , Sink to Shuangxi community of yanghuping sub district office to carry out epidemic prevention and control , Inject labor union strength into yanghuping sub district office .

Prompt action , Take the initiative .

After the outbreak , Yanghuping office 2 There have been multiple cases in communities , Liu ge'an, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and Deputy Secretary of the Party group of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress 、 Deputy director of the 、 Chen HongRi, chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, personally took the lead , Serve as the person in charge of municipal leaders , The Municipal Federation of trade unions is the leading unit of Shenyang Huping office, a unit directly under the municipal government , It is also a municipal unit that guarantees the epidemic prevention and control of Shuangxi community . Formulate the sinking work plan at the first time ,8 month 6 A leading group headed by the main person in charge was established on the th , Implement the leading work tasks and guarantee responsibilities . Give full play to the comprehensive coordination role of the leading unit , Active docking , Organize the regional defense headquarters to be stationed in yanghuping prevention and control command working group , Vigorously carry out inspection and supervision , Daily list of assigned questions , Effectively promote epidemic prevention and control . Responsibility resists shoulder , All cadres and workers sink into the community , Group led development 、 Bayonet watch 、 Material support 、 Nucleic acid detection, etc , Make every effort to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control work of yanghuping office is carried out effectively and orderly .

Scientific organization , Normative guidance .

Scientific control community grid . Shuangxi community is located in qianshe and zhuyuanta high-risk communities ( The village ) middle , Special geographical location , The social situation is relatively complex . The community population is close to 3000 people ( Including floating population ), There are market towns within the jurisdiction 、 The hospital ( Health centers and mental hospitals )、 Resettlement areas , There are roads in all directions , Large resident population 、 Large liquidity risk , It is difficult to set the prevention and control checkpoint . In order to timely convey the city's prevention and control requirements , After many times of communication 、 Coordinate , The working group of the Municipal Federation of trade unions divided Shuangxi community into 11 Grid (s) , Set up along the perimeter of the community 4 Bayonet 、7 Place a roadblock , Persuade all stores in the market town to close . Now the community prevention and control has reached the standard , No abnormality occurred , Realization “ Zero epidemic ”.

Ordered tissue nucleic acid detection . In order to standardize the detection order , Eliminate the hidden danger of transmission in the process of nucleic acid detection , Trade union cadres and workers cooperate with the community to make effective use of community space , Circle, etc , Reasonably set the detection channel , Total design 300 About meters of circuitous queuing channel , Queue in the organization 、 Distance interval 、 Information entry 、 Environmental disinfection 、 Home persuasion, etc. are integrated with community personnel , From the sixth round of nucleic acid detection 2621 People to the tenth round 2718 people , Do detection “ leave no household 、 leave no one behind ”, At the same time, the medical waste generated by the detection shall be collected in a centralized manner 、 Specific treatment .

Improve various information accounts . The City Federation of trade unions 10 Cadres and workers give full play to their personal role , Shoulder the responsibility of community grid members 、 propagandist , The whole settlement community will carry out “ Knock on the door ”, Household by Household Statistics of personnel , Carry out health monitoring , Organize living material support , And form an account one by one , Implement dynamic management . According to statistics , The community has “ Five guarantees and one ” object 46 people , Special groups ( Difficult group )38 people , Isolate objects 20 people , Other places to release the isolation of the object to return home 5 people , Implement sealing and control management measures in accordance with relevant regulations , The Municipal Federation of trade unions and the community provide life security .

Focus on the overall situation , proactive .

While implementing the lead and guarantee responsibilities , The municipal chief engineer focused on the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control , proactive , Contribute to the trade union for the prevention and control of epidemic situation in Zhangjiajie .7 month 28 Japan Federation of trade unions 、 The municipal Consumer Protection Commission issued consumption tips for epidemic prevention and control , Masks are required 、 Actively accept health code 、 Travel code and temperature measurement inspection .7 month 31 Contact Zhangjiajie Psychological Society , Cooperate in crisis intervention and emotional counseling , By 8 month 21 Japan , Psychological assistance wechat connection 502 example 、 Isolation point 68 example 、 Telephone hotline 59 example .8 month 1 Japan , The Municipal Federation of trade unions issued a proposal , Call on trade unions at all levels in the city 、 The broad masses of workers carry out epidemic prevention and control , Organize trade unions at all levels to raise materials , Carry out cooling activities under the guidance of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters . By 8 month 20 Japan , Trade unions at all levels and grass-roots organizations in the city have raised funds and materials 3000 Ten thousand yuan , Support epidemic prevention and control ; The local federation of trade unions at all levels has allocated nearly 500 Ten thousand yuan , Among them, the Municipal Federation of trade unions allocated epidemic prevention and consolation funds at the same level 118 Ten thousand yuan , It is used to supplement the first-line epidemic prevention and control materials , Condolences to front-line staff . Launched by publicity , The city's model workers at all levels donated nearly 300 Ten thousand yuan . next step , The Municipal Federation of trade unions will actively develop enterprises with difficulties 、 Assistance to employees in difficulty , Help the city to resume work .

Facing the new situation of epidemic prevention and control , All actions of Party members, cadres and workers of the Municipal Federation of trade unions are under command , Stick to the post , Participate in the household investigation of Baobao community 、 Bayonet watch 、 Residents' nucleic acid detection and other front-line prevention and control work , In order to grasp the epidemic situation in time 、 Analysis of epidemic situation , Promote community “ Internal anti propagation 、 External defense input ” Implementation of prevention and control measures . We should take the party's political advantages into account 、 Organizational advantages 、 The advantage of close contact with the masses of workers has been transformed into a strong governance advantage of epidemic prevention and control , Effectively improve the scientificity and effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control , Enhanced community prevention and control force , Contribute to the labor union to win the war of prevention and control of epidemic situation .

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