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be moved! The Olympic referee who swiped the screen had so many stories

2021-08-26 00:12:55 Beijing daily client

The other day

Is your circle of friends by this

“ Among the Olympic referees

The only Chinese active serviceman ” refresh ?

“ Beautiful and rustling ”

“ Olympic referee ”

“ Chinese soldiers ”

“ Army colonel ”


Behind these keywords

What kind of moving story ?

today , Let's get closer together

Department of military physical education, army special operations college

Colonel and teacher Zhu Linfang

This summer , Zhu Linfang appeared as a referee in the Taekwondo finals of the Tokyo Olympic Games , She is meticulous 、 The strict cutting posture impressed the audience in front of the screen . Zhu Linfang once won... In Taekwondo events 5 Second world champion 、5 The second national champion , Honor the first class work of the collective 1 Time , Personal second class 6 Time 、 Third class work 2 Time , It's from the WTF referee committee 5 One of the members . He is now the international referee of Taekwondo 、 Taekwondo Project Executive Committee of the World Military Sports Council ......

Become the referee of the Tokyo Olympic Games , Zhu Linfang can be said to have passed five passes and killed six generals , After many battles, I got this precious opportunity , There are too many painful and admirable stories behind it ——

A stick to , To march for the country

3600 Selection of judges 30 strong

Three rounds of selection into the only

The first round 2019 year 1 month , WTF from all over the world 201 Countries and regions were shortlisted 3600 Selected from the international judges 360 strong . Zhu Linfang in order to participate in the selection , Actively postpone the time of knee surgery . This round , Chinese judges were selected 5 name .

The second round 2019 year 3 Month to 4 month , WTF selected from five continents 360 A referee 7 Item assessment , Select 50 strong . Zhu Linfang has just finished cholecystectomy 1 Months , She clenched her teeth , Complete the most difficult physical examination . This round , Chinese judges were selected 2 name .

The third round Included in the 50 Members with strong Olympic referee qualification , requirement 2019 - 2021 Must attend at least 2 World Grand Prix and 2 The Tokyo Olympic qualifiers were 4 The game , To be selected for the Tokyo Olympic Games 30 Strong qualifications . Another Chinese referee was affected by the epidemic and could not participate in the execution , The responsibility and pressure fell on Zhu Linfang , There is no way back , We must fight hard , Finally she won the place .

2021 year 5 month 31 Japan , WTF selected the Tokyo Olympic Games 30 A referee , Zhu Linfang was successfully shortlisted with excellent professional quality , Become the only Chinese referee in Taekwondo .

Right 8 For Zhu Linfang

Three tasks turn around 76000 More than kilometers

Go retrograde without fear of danger

Zhu Linfang should be selected by the World Taekwondo Federation , By the State General Administration of sports 、 China Taekwondo Association actively coordinates , Leaders and organs at all levels of the army give full support to , Get permission to go overseas for the Olympic Games , Kept the only Taekwondo project qualification in China .

According to the requirements of competition system , On five continents 4 Olympic Qualification , At least 2 Time . at that time , In order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control , Zhu Linfang failed to participate in the referee of Oceania and Africa as scheduled , The rest of America and Europe 2 The bailiff must participate in , Otherwise, China will lose the qualification of Taekwondo referee in Tokyo Olympic Games .

For the needs of the country , She is not afraid of risk , Go ahead with determination .2020 Years and 2021 year , Taekwondo is the Tokyo Olympic qualifying event and the Tokyo Olympic Games, although only 8 God ( America and Europe, Tokyo Olympic qualifiers each 2 God 、 Tokyo Olympic Games 4 God ) The task of cutting , Zhu Linfang has experienced 16 Segments 、 Turning point 10 Time 、213 Hours of sailing and transit waiting .

Besides , She was tested for nucleic acid before and after the competition 38 Time , Cumulative isolation 106 God , Facing the double test of body and mind , Zhu Linfang carried them one by one .

5 Years of preparation for war 80 Multi year olds' joints

The call of duty never regrets

Because of the old injury left by the athlete , Zhu Linfang now has broken anterior cruciate ligament of both knees 、 The meniscus is basically exhausted 、 Cartilage wear 3 to 4 level , amount to 80 The joints of a multi-year-old . The pain that pierces her heart every day keeps her awake , You have to take painkillers to sleep for hours .

The doctor advised Zhu Linfang to have joint replacement as soon as possible , But in order not to affect the preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games , She relies on going to the hospital every week for an injection PRP、 Sodium hyaluronate , And acupuncture 、 physicotherapeutics 、 Take painkillers and other conservative treatments , Through this difficult 5 Prepare for war in .

“ Be able to participate in the Olympic Games , Both responsibility , It's also a dream .” Zhu Linfang said ,“ National honor and mission 、 Special warfare spirit and faith support me , No matter how big the pain and difficulty, I will stick to it .”

Five identities overcome four difficulties

Both inside and outside, and then become a talent

In preparation for war , Zhu Linfang, in addition to the physical pain , We have also overcome many difficulties and challenges .

First, break through the language barrier . International sports officials must be proficient in English , Learn many languages . Zhu Linfang 5 year , More than 10000 yuan per year , Keep learning foreign languages every day 1 Hours . Now , She is proficient in English , Can use Korean , Meet the needs of various events .

Second, a stable state of mind . Zhu Linfang is not only an international referee , He is also a member of the WTF Disarmament Commission , Also an international trainer …… Multiple identities intertwined , It takes up a lot of rest time , But she still maintains the most positive attitude , Always demand yourself with the national image , Try to show good quality .

Third, focus on teaching and scientific research . Zhu Linfang said :“ No matter how busy you are outside , As a special operations Instructor ,‘ Teaching and research , Educating people for war ’ It has always been my main responsibility and main business .” She is full of lessons , Excellent teaching quality . only 2020 school year , Zhu Linfang finished 670 Class hour teaching task , continuity 2 The teaching quality assessment is excellent , And won the annual teaching competition of the college ( Theory group ) The good result of the second place . She delved into , It's been fruitful : Preside over provincial and institute level projects 3 term , Participate in the national level 、 Army level 、 Provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects 11 term , Edit Textbooks 1 Ministry .

Fourth, give consideration to characteristic tasks . Zhu Linfang makes full use of her own advantages , Take the initiative to undertake the training task of the college's Taekwondo characteristic team , Every day military sports class and Saturday time are all used to guide students' training . Her words and deeds , It not only improves the students' Taekwondo skills and tactics and comprehensive quality , It also cultivates the students' ideological style and will quality .

An interview , Straight to the heart

Zhu Linfang was quarantined in Beijing after returning home , Still deal with a lot of work every day , Sometimes even late at night . Working gap , A reporter interviewed Zhu Linfang , A late night conversation , Let people understand her persistence .

The reporter : Teacher Zhu , You have gained so much honor , With serious injuries , Facing so many unknown challenges , Why insist on running for the referee of the Tokyo Olympic Games ?

Zhu Linfang : Honor is a spiritual force , It is the starting point for us to realize greater value , Not the end . In order to win the chance to hold the referee in the Olympic Stadium , I almost tried my best , At that time, many colleagues did not understand , Is it worth fighting so hard for the qualification of a referee ? I told them : Worth ! Because soldiers value honor more than life , Advocating honor has become my habit . Whether athletes or referees , As long as it can add luster to the country , When “ flower ” Or do “ The green leaves ” All equally wonderful . Because we all have families 、 A sense of honor , This is the power of sports spirit .

The reporter : stay 5 During the preparation for war in , What impressed you most ?

Zhu Linfang :2018 year 12 month , As an international referee, I represent my country in the Grand Slam wild card race of the Tokyo Olympic Games , This competition is the key to whether Chinese athletes can get the wild card qualification of the Tokyo Olympic Games , But something unexpected happened on the first day of the game . I'm the man in charge 80 In the process of competition above kg , Due to the mistakes of one player , Accidentally kicked me in the chest , Cause rupture of capillaries in the upper chest , It hurt so much that it was difficult to speak and breathe , My mind goes blank , Almost fell down , But my professionalism supported me to continue to finish the game . After the game, the referee suggested going to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible , But considering this competition, I am the only Chinese referee , The task is important . If the back 3 I can't continue to be the referee in the game , It may affect the interests of Chinese athletes , I chose to stick to the referee . The next few days , Difficulty breathing keeps me awake all night . I didn't go to the hospital for examination and treatment until after the game , The doctor said it would be life-threatening if it was one more day late . Now think about it. , Still a little scared .

The reporter : These injuries , Will you regret ?

Zhu Linfang : Frankly speaking , Every night when pain makes it difficult to sleep , Will also regret . Because of this pain , No one can replace . But if the same scene is reproduced , I will still be the same choice .

The reporter : At the Tokyo Olympics , You have held a total of 39 game , Show the world your accurate judgment and high level of execution , And be able to represent Chinese referees in the finals , You must have a lot of feelings !

Zhu Linfang : Um. , Feel a lot , I use 3 A word to sum up ! First, thank you , I'm a soldier , Can be on the Olympic stage and hold the finals , Especially in the current epidemic , It is inseparable from the high concern of organizations and leaders at all levels and the best help from all aspects ; Second, gratitude , I am deeply inspired to realize my dream of holding the Olympic Games , I will cherish it more 、 Go all out , Serve Taekwondo career and military school teaching with their own professional quality ; Third, gratitude , Thank my family 、 Colleagues and every friend who cares about me , With their support, I am full of motivation , Definitely, I will “ Don't forget when you come , Move forward bravely ”!

The reporter : Everyone is very concerned about your injury now , How do you feel now ?

Zhu Linfang : I'm not in good shape now , During isolation, my old injuries to my waist and knee were aggravated , It can only be relieved by painkillers and plasters every day , When it's serious, it hurts so much that I can't sleep all night . When I was an athlete, my hand 、 Arm 、 The foot has been kicked off in many places , Both knees and ankles have been broken , Lumbar muscle strain is serious , There are many sequelae . I've had two major operations during the athlete period , The operation on both knees was delayed in preparation for the Olympic Games , The doctor urged me to go back for surgery as soon as possible , I will also actively cooperate with the treatment . Thank you for your concern , I believe everything will be all right .

A force , Push people forward

Although the Tokyo Olympic Games have ended , But it is a new beginning for Zhu Linfang . The image of Chinese soldiers she displayed on the world stage is deeply branded in people's hearts , She proved to the world with her own practical actions : Chinese soldiers , It won't be “ Qingxiu ”“ beautiful ” Isosceles are bound on the label , Special war female teachers also have admirable 、 The great power that inspires people to forge ahead .

source   People's army official account

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