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Director Hu in the anti Mafia storm saw the audience filled with indignation, and actor SUN Hao responded

2021-08-26 00:21:25 Beijing daily client

At the moment , A hit show 《 Black storm 》 high-profile . As the plot progresses , The intertwined black and evil forces and umbrellas in lvteng city gradually surfaced . The portrayal of villains in the play is very wonderful . Compared with the unscrupulous Sun Xing 、 Wily Gao Mingyuan , Although Hu Xiaowei, director of Shannan Road police station, is not a traitor , But he personally pushed Xu yingzi, his sister and brother into the fire pit , It's even worse to work for a tiger .

“ I wish director Hu will be defeated by hypertension as soon as possible .” Angry messages from the audience , I brushed the screen in the microblog of director Hu's actor SUN Hao , A few days ago , He specially posted a microblog , Please concentrate your fire on criticizing . The fancy comments of netizens sometimes make SUN Hao cry and laugh , He comforted himself :“ This shows that my performance has been recognized by the audience .” How was the vivid role of director Hu born ? recently , SUN Hao accepted an exclusive interview with our reporter .

The team's mind is on acting

《 Black storm 》 This is the first cooperation between SUN Hao and the director's 500 team . In recent years , SUN Hao is a familiar face on the screen , The careful audience has noticed , SUN Hao has partnered with Zhang Jiayi many times .

In the 1990s , With a song by SUN Hao 《 Chinese folk songs 》 All over the river , But since then , He appeared in the public view as a singer a few times ,《 Emperor Han 》《 Stories of the Wandering Hero 》 His figure is common in film and television works . Set foot in the film and television industry , It's not a sudden decision for SUN Hao . At cause 《 Chinese folk songs 》 Before becoming popular , He has been in 《 The mighty wind of the sea 》 Such movies . When a play appointment comes , accept another job “ unsuspectingly ” Grounded , This state continues until the TV series 《 Steep cliff 》 During that time .

“ No one can always be young .” The singing world is changing , The performance opportunities are no better than before ,“ singer ” SUN Hao is very calm , He can feel “ It's time to turn over ”. Zhang Jiayi had a long talk with him in time , He said to him :“ If you don't sing in the future , Just shoot with me .” This is a profound commitment among the rural parties , from 《 Steep cliff 》 Start , SUN Hao and Zhang Jiayi's team cooperate frequently ,《 A servant of two masters 》 A stylist in the middle of the world 、《 White Deer Plain 》 The bully in the army 、《 Set up 》 The stingy chief of staff …… Along the way , Each role of SUN Hao has its own characteristics , Rarely the same .

“ I'm very lucky , Met such a team without bad habits , Everyone's mind is all on acting .” SUN Hao said , After years of running in , They know each other very well , You don't have to say anything to understand . But then 《 Black storm 》, It was a collision for him to step out of the comfort circle .“ The first day was a collapse .” SUN Hao recalled , The shooting habits of five hundred directors first gave him a great impact . Hu Xiaowei often talked about the case when he appeared on the stage 、 Make a phone call , The lines are numerous and detailed , SUN Hao did a lot of homework in advance , But at the scene , The script is still improving , Sometimes it's even completely abandoned , In the play, director Hu's landmark action measures blood pressure , From the live inspiration of the crew .

Behind the sphygmomanometer is the pressure of middle-aged people

“ Only let director Hu sit in the office , It doesn't seem interesting , Do you want him to do something ?” When shooting , Five hundred once proposed . At first , They thought about letting director Hu do old-age exercises , But because the venue is too small 、 The rendering effect may be too funny to give up . On second thought , Then why don't you take your blood pressure ? Start up and try , The result is right .

Why does director Hu care so much about blood pressure ? In the work , Facing the pressure of superiors , Director Hu must compromise and endure . There is such a plot in the play , After Xu yingzi's accident , Director Hu angrily broke into Sun Xing's nightclub , In the end, I can only bear it , He punched Sun Xing in the air ,“ From the heart , Director Hu actually hates Sun Xing very much , But he can't afford to offend the forces behind Sun Xing .” In layers of cracks , Director Hu was extremely oppressed , But he can't allow himself to fall . Now , Entering middle age, SUN Hao can understand the mentality of a role of his own age ,“ There is an old man 、 Small under , If something happens to you , What to do at home ? Middle aged people face many problems , But they have no place to talk .”

A thermos cup that hardly leaves your hand , It has also become one of the symbols of director Hu , There is not much deliberate design for this detail .《 Black storm 》 When shooting , It is the coldest time in autumn and winter in Changsha , You must drink hot water often . Every day when I come to the set , The props group has prepared a thermos cup for everyone in advance , It's just right to bring it into the play —— A stressful life 、 A desperate job , Director Hu must pay special attention to his physical condition ,“ He was afraid of his own problems , This is a very real character .”

The supporting actor also has to stretch a string

I hate director Hu , Do not hinder the audience's recognition of SUN Hao's acting skills . After being sexually assaulted by Sun Xing , Xu yingzi summoned up the courage to report the case to the police station , On the contrary, director Hu questioned his suspicion of drug abuse and prostitution . The plot made the audience especially angry , It was also the most thorough exposure of director Hu's ugly face .

During the performance , SUN Hao didn't take director Hu's “ evil ” make all the same .“ In fact, many times , Powerful words are not shouting , I think the real power is the whispered threat .” Face the victim , Director Hu's tone and attitude from beginning to end are very plain , Didn't pat the table and stare , I just analyzed the case objectively , However, it was this insipidity that shattered Xu yingzi's hope for help , Pushed her one step closer to the abyss .

“ Director Hu never thought that this case would really cause human life in the end .” SUN Hao said ,“ I Believe , When he was young, he really wanted to be a good policeman , But in his working and living environment , No firm faith , It's easy to go astray .” This complex three-dimensional character , It also brings more thinking .

in general , Director Hu doesn't appear many times in the play , The performance is very bright .“ In fact, supporting roles are not easy to play .” Sun haozai 《 Black storm 》 The crew didn't last long , But the supporting role is often not as concentrated as the protagonist ,“ Always have to stretch a string , I played every play seriously , But caring doesn't mean making great efforts .” When performing director Hu , SUN Hao asked himself to do “ natural ”, Don't try too hard . He also thanked the director 、 Photography captures those subtle expressions and movements , Present in front of the audience ,“ Director Hu can be affirmed by the audience , It is the result of our joint efforts .”

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