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80000 Jin! The sweet and delicious Mentougou strange berries have had a good harvest again

2021-08-26 00:21:28 Beijing daily client

Early autumn morning , Cool breeze , The strange berry planting base at the entrance of Lijiazhuang village, Qingshui Town, Mentougou District is a busy scene in full swing . Extract 、 choose 、 packing 、 Shipment …… The villagers are skilled . Kiwi berry planting is the focus of Qingshui town “ Industrial assistance ” project . Up to now , The harvest of this season has been completed , The output reached 8 Ten thousand catties .

according to the understanding of ,2013 year , In order to promote low-income households to increase their income and get rid of poverty , Qingshui town actively implements “ Six in a batch ” Help measures , Focus on “ Industrial assistance ”, Through the zone 、 The town of 、 Enterprise level three communication , Yunfeng Fruit Industry Co., Ltd “ Walk into ” Lijiazhuang village , Established the first... Of Thumbelina strange berry 1 A plantation . Village collectives and farmers enjoy land rent 、 Project income 、 Formal employment 、 Income from temporary employment and tourism sidelines will expand the economy , Land rent increases every five years 20% The way , Realize the future benefits and share with the villagers , Let the villagers have a reasonable and stable income .2020 year , A total of land in the village was transferred 210 More than mu , Pay government rent 16 More than RMB .

By rewinding to the villagers , Train and teach local farmers planting management technology , Hire villagers to be responsible for the daily management of the park for a long time , The villagers participating in the project increase their income by nearly 3000 element , Achieve relatively stable employment and income .2020 year , Only the labor force is employed, and the salary is paid nearly 100 Ten thousand yuan , The village took it off “ Low income hat ”, The small fruit not only helped the villagers get rid of the low, but also promoted the economic transformation and development of Qingshui area .

In recent years , Qingshui town passes through “ Mentougou courtyard + Fine agriculture ” And scale 、 Standardization 、 Brand development model , Comprehensively promote cultural development 、 ecology 、 The deep integration of resources such as agriculture and Tourism , Efforts have been made to build a flood mouth 、 Liangjiazhuang, etc. have a beautiful ecological environment 、 Unique cultural landscape 、 The most beautiful countryside with rich pastoral scenery , I've got “ Golen Bowl ”, I ate “ Ecological Rice ”.

next step , Qingshui town will continue to insist “ The mountains are beautiful 、 Rich peasants , Tourism, culture and leisure industry are strong ” Development ideas of , stay “ Mentougou courtyard +”“ Fine agriculture ”“ Understory economy ” Deep ploughing and careful work , Boost regional economic development to a new level .

Photography Zhang Wen

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