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It's a good place for leisure. There are water and trees. It's very artistic! Building a harmonious and livable city in Beijing

2021-08-26 00:21:41 Beijing daily client

Beijing takes urban ecological construction and public space transformation as an important starting point for building a harmonious and livable capital , Strive to expand public space , Let people have leisure 、 Bodybuilding 、 Places of entertainment , Let the city become a paradise suitable for people to work and live .

Hexiangyuan pocket park on the West Second Ring Road of Beijing , There are many kinds of flowers, plants and trees , And running water , Become a good place for surrounding residents to relax and walk .

Residents of Xicheng District, Beijing Ms. Deng : This green environment is very good , The park is doing very well , It's also very artistic , Water and trees .

Hexiang park is a pocket park built in Xicheng District by taking advantage of the vacated open space , The garden landscape is carefully designed , And the chess table 、 Sand pool, playground and other facilities , Meet the leisure and entertainment needs of different groups .

Residents of Xicheng District, Beijing Ms. Zhang : We live here in this building , Very convenient . Bring us all such a happy place , We will live longer and longer , More and more happy , With happiness, we will live longer .

For five years , Green is spreading rapidly among high-rise buildings in Beijing , Pocket park 、 Public spaces such as small and micro green spaces have increased 500 Many places .

from 2017 From the year onwards , The urban public space reconstruction project carried out in Beijing , In order to improve the quality of public space . This small open space between residential buildings in Min'an community, Dongcheng District , After transformation, a three-dimensional leisure and fitness place has been built , Let the residents go downstairs and there will be a place for activities . That's it , A small area of idle land in front of people's homes 、 Frontier 、 Bare wasteland, etc , Turn into a fitness place 、 Reading angle 、 Children's entertainment and other public spaces .

Residents of Min'an community, Dongcheng District, Beijing Li Zengqi : At the beginning, the slope here is like a fan , Turn down , But it's still steep . They listen to the opinions of the people , Three times , Lengthen this again , Now the people are particularly satisfied .

not long ago , Beijing again solicited from the whole city , A new batch of 100 A renovation project .

Director of Investment Department of Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission Li Xiaotao : Give play to the power of design , Let it balance multiple functions in a small area . The whole use is based on the needs of the people , As far as possible , Promote the improvement of people's lives .

In recent years , Not only has the environment at the door of residents improved , Around the city, there are more public spaces for the whole family to relax and play . The total area of the urban green heart Forest Park is three times larger than the summer palace ; Located in Chaoyang 、 Wenyuhe park at the junction of Changping and Shunyi districts , When fully completed, the total area will reach 30 Square kilometers .

Beijing residents Bai Lu : I think the environment in Beijing is getting better day by day , It is obvious to all , Then we prefer to take our children to outdoor activities .

In recent years , New urban green space in Beijing 3600 ha , The urban greening coverage rate is close to 50%, The per capita green space area of the park reaches 16.5 Square meters ; The total mileage of urban healthy greenway has reached 1218 km . The improvement of the environment has greatly improved the happiness index of residents .

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