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Only one public welfare donation was intercepted? US sanctions become an international joke

2021-08-26 00:21:48 Beijing daily client

In a recent talk show , Vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress 、 Ding Zhongli, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in response to the fact that he had been included in the sanctions list by the United States ,“ Not affected . I don't have any dollar accounts ”. however , As an international scientific organization —— Academician of the Academy of Sciences of developing countries , He once donated a sum of money to the organization , This public welfare donation was intercepted by the United States .

Academician Ding Zhongli was sanctioned , It is one of a series of operations by the US government to grossly interfere in Hong Kong's affairs . Before that , Including Hong Kong's chief executive, Mrs Carrie Lam 11 Officials of the central and SAR governments have also been subjected to similar sanctions . And these “ Sanction ” All of them give people a ridiculous sense of vision . For example, Lin Zheng Yuee's address was written wrong in the document , Listed are the official residence of the Chief Secretary for administration of Hong Kong . Luo Huining, director of the Hong Kong Central Liaison Office, joked , I don't have any assets abroad ,“ Can I send it 100 dollar , For freezing .” Zeng Guowei, Secretary for constitutional and mainland affairs of the HKSAR government, ridiculed ,“ Please, sanctions have an impact on me ”.

Why are U.S. sanctions ineffective ? To say , Unilateral sanctions can be described as the skill of the United States . According to relevant statistics , only 2017 to 2019 year , The United States government imposes sanctions on foreign entities and individuals more than 3200 term .2020 Since then , American sanctions are even more extreme . Established at the United Nations 75 During the anniversary , The United States unilaterally declared against 27 Support Iran's nuclear program 、 Sanctions and export controls are imposed by entities and individuals involved in missile and conventional weapons projects . What's more ridiculous is , Because the International Criminal Court investigated that U.S. military and intelligence personnel are suspected of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan , The United States has also frozen financial assets in the United States, such as fabenza, chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court , And prohibit Americans from cooperating with them . And because of “ North Stream 2 Number ” The project and “ Turkish Creek ” Second tier projects are not in the interests of the United States , The United States once said that it would impose sanctions on all participants in the two projects …… Traditional allies 、 Old enemies and new enemies 、 Strategic rivals , It can be said that everyone has eaten the American sanctions stick .

《 US sanctions 》—— The text is like the title , Nicolai, a professor at the University of Rhode Island • Petro pointed out , To understand “ Sanction ” Role in American diplomacy , The best way is to understand it as “ Addiction ”. And when the United States sees the world only “ Confined to the Washington ring road ” when , Sanctions have become a self deceiving joke .

The United States has always pursued self-respect , In order to defend the supremacy, there is no need to do anything . And among various means , Because of its technology and financial advantages accumulated over the years ,“ Sanction ” The cost is lower , It's very loud . Especially with its national strength declining , There are many internal and external difficulties , Comprehensive strength is not enough to support “ Hegemonic anxiety ” when , Sanctions have gradually become the first choice of the United States .

Waving a sanctions stick , It will only make the world fall into “ Sanctions fatigue ”. In the face of the fierce offensive of the United States , Countries around the world are becoming more and more calm ,“ Pain threshold ” High , Do what you should do , Even better partners and development targets can be found , Put America aside . meanwhile , The national credibility of the United States has been abused and sanctions have been gradually reduced .“ As the most powerful country in the world , In addition to all kinds of threats and sanctions , What kind of impression can it leave on the world ?” Attack everywhere regardless of justice , It will only accelerate the United States against the world .

Human society has entered 21 century 20 years , The concept of modern civilization has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people . Countries large and small respect each other 、 All are equal , Settle disputes through dialogue 、 Resolve differences through negotiation , It has gradually become the consensus of international social exchanges . here , Still immersed in the old imperial dream , Stubbornly playing tricks on outdated and clumsy “ SanBanFu ”, Can only contribute more jokes to the world .

source   Beijing daily client  |  commentator Tian Wenzhi

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