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Tandian 2021 Volkswagen tuyue has a face, smooth power output and reduced price!

2021-08-26 00:49:21 Oriental Information automobile

Volkswagen has been in SUV The investment in the model market is relatively large , Many of its models have achieved very good results after they were launched . Volkswagen tuyue is a compact car with good strength SUV, Recently, the author visited a local shop in Zibo , Learned about the relevant preferential policies .

2021 The appearance of Volkswagen tuyue continues the design style of Volkswagen family , The air intake grille is rectangular , The surrounding lines are very straight , The multi banner Chinese Internet is decorated with silver trim , The headlamp unit is full and solid , The fog lamp area is symmetrical . The whole body looks powerful , The prominent waistline outlines more smoothly , The style of the wheel hub is very advanced . The lines of the tail lamp group are very smooth , The recognition degree is high after lighting .

The interior style of the car is more stable , Keep the center console tilted at a certain angle , The style of the central control screen is very square , The function of the vehicle engine system is perfect , The full multi-function steering wheel is very wide , The shift lever feels good , Ideal interior space , The details were handled very well .

The car is equipped with 1.4T、2.0T The engine , The match is 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , The dynamic performance is stable and smooth .

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