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Starting from 380000 Yuan overseas, with a 33 inch screen, the new "bath God car" will be made in China in the future

2021-08-26 00:51:00 Wechat automobile

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New car review

Nowadays, the transformation of luxury brands and electrification is the norm , Like Mercedes Benz 、 audi 、 BMW has launched pure electricity SUV, As a high-end brand of GM , Cadillac LYRIQ Although it was late , But in terms of product power , Not at all BBA Pure electricity SUV.

New interior and exterior design , Plus the addition of various cutting-edge technologies , Give Way LYRIQ Look more futuristic , Compared with models of the same level , More personality . At the same time, there are media reports , The new car is expected to be made in China by SAIC GM Cadillac in the future , At that time, the domestic starting price is also expected to be in 40 Ten thousand yuan or so .

Recently, according to overseas media reports , Cadillac's new pure electric SUV——LYRIQ Our selling price has been confirmed , New car will be on the 9 month 18 The reservation was officially opened overseas on the th , The selling price is 59,990 dollar ( renminbi 38 Ten thousand yuan ).


The front part inherits the in-line type commonly used by Cadillac in recent years LED Headlight design , The central line of the bumper is quite sharp , Integrated with Obsidian grid design , The lines on the side of the car are smooth , The door handle is of concealed design , The two-color all glass roof extends to the roof spoiler , With exceptional aerodynamic performance .


To the side of the body , The huge body doesn't look like a medium-sized SUV, Slender body with multiple concave design , The whole not only brings a good hierarchical effect, but also reflects a good fashion attribute . in addition , The new car also uses a hidden door wrench , Further strengthen the integration of the side , And effectively reduce the wind resistance coefficient .


In the tail , The design of the new car can be said to be very complex , The tail lamp extending backward from the rear window adopts a through design , The overall shape is domineering 、 Mighty . And the silver Cadillac logo below , Compared with previous models LOGO Looks more avant-garde . The oversized rear bumper and silver trim , It also makes the whole tail look wild .


interiors ,LYRIQ The production version of the cockpit and the concept car also use simple and modern style design , Innovative adoption of 33 Inch LED Curved screen , The door trim panel is made of wood and built-in seat adjustment buttons , Add multiple storage spaces , Thanks to the Ultium platform , The interior space layout looks spacious and comfortable .

At the same time, the new car is also equipped with an enhanced Super Cruise Intelligent driving system 、 Double view laser holography AR HUD technology 、 Variable energy recovery technology 、190 KW high-speed DC fast charging capacity and other scientific and technological products .


motivation , Cadillac is brand new LYRIQ Single motor rear drive is adopted , And equipped with a capacity of 100kW·h The battery pack , The maximum power of the system is 250kW, Peak torque is 400N·m, The range is up to 483 km . The new car also has a high-power fast charging system , Car owners can 30 Charge to in minutes 80%. in addition , The all wheel drive version with dual motors will be available in 2022 By the end of the year , The dynamic performance will be upgraded again .

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