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SAIC Roewe's new SUV "whale" is the task of promoting brand upgrading

2021-08-26 00:51:02 Oriental Information automobile

SAIC Roewe brand new SUV“ whale ”. As the first product of Roewe's new series , Roewe Whale will undertake to accelerate the process of brand rejuvenation and personalization , The task of promoting brand upgrading .

The new car not only subverts the traditional naming form of SAIC Roewe , For the first time in appearance “ Rhythmic arousal ” Design concept of . It is completely divorced from the design language of the existing Roewe models , New changes that make the new car younger and more personalized .

First, the front face adopts a straight waterfall air inlet grille , Sharp cable , It has a strong visual impact . The sharp split headlamp group is matched with the broken line daytime running lamp . The lamp beads in the headlamp group are arranged neatly , Officially called “ Energy cube ” Lamp group , Make the recognition of the whole front face very high .

The waist line on the side of the body extends from the front to the rear , It adds a bit of domineering to the round body . The new car has a backward sliding design , The black roof creates a suspended visual effect . Application of concealed door handle and double five frame wheel rim modeling , Make the visual effect of the whole vehicle full of vitality and personality .

The design of the rear through tail lamp is inspired by the space-time tunnel , Irregular tail light groups on both sides , Very technical . in addition , The whole tail design has a sense of hierarchy . There is a spoiler at the top of the through tail lamp . Exhaust cloth on both sides , Make the whole vehicle full of sports breath .

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