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Is Changan uni series on the bar with KTV? Uni-v gas field is not inferior to Audi A7

2021-08-26 00:54:28 Oriental Information automobile

Chang'an automobile has been mixed up in the past two years Left most domestic cars behind , Earlier, major car companies successively released their sales volume , Chang'an car is in 7 The monthly sales volume is higher than 6 The number of months has increased 8,074 platform , At the same time, the ranking also rose to fifth , Surpassing Dongfeng Nissan . And Chang'an UNI The cumulative sales volume of the series in July has reached 73891 car , In the second session of the Ministry of industry and information technology 347 In the new car declaration form , changan UNI-V As promised , Chang'an, which has attracted much attention UNI-V The mystery has finally been revealed . Gather here K、T、V Series three cars , And the new car declaration form of the Ministry of industry and information technology UNI—V Series models , It also brings a lot of highlights , Compared with the previous two models , This time UNI-V It is the model of the main car series .

aesthetic , Take the front face as an example , And the two earlier models UNI-T as well as UNI-K The series is slightly different , The front face adopts the borderless middle net , The overall design will be more detailed , The grille is integrated with the front face , For people with dense phobia , This front face design doesn't seem very friendly , But it does not hinder the recognition in the market . On the side styling of the vehicle , Very similar to Audi A7 Design language of , Can look like Audi A7 It's kind of like , The smooth waistline and electric tail make the visual center of gravity of the vehicle more backward , With the audi a7 It also has a sense of movement .

Body size ,UNI-V The length, width and height are respectively 4680/1838/1430mm, The wheelbase is 2750mm, With the mainstream 2800mm Wheelbase compared to the model ,UNI-V There will be a slight shortage and loss of space , But compared with a There is still some room for class cars . Once this car comes out , People who care about space still need to think more .

The car's powertrain will be equipped with a 1.5T Turbocharged engine , The outside world thought UNI-V It's a medium-sized sports car , However, the declaration data of the Ministry of industry and information technology show that UNI-V It's a standard compact car . Since it's a compact car , Power is still 1.5T, meanwhile , Officials say the new car will be launched in the future 2.0T Power version of ., that UNI-V Our position is very clear , After this car was launched , It is estimated that it will compete with some sports oriented independent brand models on the market .

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