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Compared with modern fistar, the price difference of gearbox is up to 10000 yuan

2021-08-26 00:54:31 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , Mingjue released a new mingjue 6 Sedan , As a sports car , Its competitors point directly at some joint ventures , The high configuration model is close to the modern festa , Both cars use a double clutch gearbox with faster shift speed , Compared with the old Baron 6, The new model is changed from dry double clutch to wet double clutch , So what is the difference between the technology of domestic cars and joint venture cars ? Whose gearbox is better ? What is the difference between dry and wet double clutch ? Let's analyze it in detail .

What kind of gearboxes do the two brands use

Mingjue's new model uses a computer code named DCT280 Wet double clutch gearbox , It is independently developed by SAIC GM , Replaced the old SAIC 7T35/SHDT250 Dry double clutch , The transmission efficiency exceeds 95%, Technically equipped with SAIC's proprietary Comb Lube Three chamber honeycomb lubrication .

And Beijing modern fista from 2019 Up to now 2021 paragraph , No changes have been made to the gearbox , The original dry double clutch is still used . This is also the main new gearbox of Hyundai Group in recent years , According to the matching power , modern 7 The double speed clutch has different designs , The codes are D7GF1 and D7UF1, The former matches the small torque model , The latter has higher strength , Match high torque models , The torque of the entry-level model of modern fista is up to 265Nm, The transmission used is D7UF1.

Same as SAIC , In fact, modern gearboxes are also independently developed , Produced by modern's Mobis , This is one of the top ten auto parts suppliers in the world , It is also the largest parts manufacturer in Korea , Mobis 7 Speed dry double clutch adopts motor-driven clutch plate shift technology .

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