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The new generation of Land Rover guards wants to offer 8-seat models. Netizen: it's a bit like "school bus"

2021-08-26 00:54:35 Oriental Information automobile

As a large and medium-sized defender in the Land Rover family SUV, The old model once had the title of a hardline off-road vehicle , And the new style is biased towards the current trend , In order to meet the needs of the market , The overall style design is more fashionable , The new generation of defender has two different models: two door version and four door version , Let many riders have more diversified choices . From the latest information , A new generation of Land Rover will launch new models , And it's 8 A model , It also means that , The new generation of models will have 8 The seat layout , Can accommodate 8 people .

From defender D90 and D110 To see if ,8 The seat version will belong to D130 edition . In recent days, , Overseas media exposed a group of pictures of the new generation of guards , We can see from the appearance of the vehicle , Although the car was disguised , But you can still see the general outline , It is basically close to the vehicles currently on sale , The domineering and thick feeling brought by the front face is still very obvious , The semi-circular daytime running lights in the matrix headlamp group are also very obvious , The bumper is still our familiar silver , There is no obvious change in the front of the car .

And as a 8 A model , Naturally, the body length should be lengthened , But from the side , Some netizens also describe , It's kind of like we're familiar with “ School Bus ”, After all, the car was disguised , Didn't reveal too many details , If you remove the disguise , Exposed hard lines and full body contour , Believe in the name of school bus , Will disappear . from D110 and D130 If you judge the body size , The captain of the car is expected to exceed 5 rice 2, The wheelbase will also increase .

A spare tire hangs from the flat tail , This is also one of the styles that many off-road fans prefer , It adds a strong off-road flavor to the monotonous tail .

motivation , There are many options for overseas power , Respectively 2.0T、3.0T+ Light mixing system and 5.0L, The first two powers , At present, there are guards in China , and 5.0L V8 engine , On the domestic defender , Not equipped , Transmission system matching 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . At the same time, the vehicle will also be equipped with terrain response 4WD system . It is expected that the new generation of defender will also launch 2.0T Plug in hybrid models .

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