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Yongding war "epidemic" | "although we are outsiders, I am duty bound to fight the epidemic"

2021-08-26 01:06:23 Red Net

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On duty at night

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 22 - ( correspondent Tian Guixue )8 month 21 Japan , In Yongkang community, nanzhuangping, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City , A man named Peng Zhen is very attractive , He's not local , But stick to the epidemic prevention and control grid every day 、 Implement registration 、 Take your temperature 、 Maintain nucleic acid detection order , It also has the obligation to serve the community “ Errand runner ”. Especially her daughter is with him , Make selfless contributions to the epidemic prevention and control of the community .

since 8 month 6 Japan , Yongkang community garden community needs Volunteers . Peng Zhen was the first to sign up after hearing the news :“ I sign up , Join me .” at that time , Including many public officials volunteered to receive work tasks . No mobilization meeting , No invitation to war , No vows , Assemble on the spot 20 More than volunteers set up “ Frontline stormtroopers ”, Peng Zhen took the initiative to serve as “ The commander in chief of the front line ”, Emergency construction of bayonet duty office ,6 An open roadway is closed with mesh ,24 Stick to the checkpoint day and night 、 Implement registration 、 Take your temperature 、 Early morning tissue nucleic acid detection ……

Peng Zhen is not a native of Zhangjiajie , But his wife is a native of Zhangjiajie , So Zhangjiajie became his second hometown . Working in Zhangjiajie 、 He has lived for more than twenty years , And have their own “ Tasco ” Computer company . After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Zhangjiajie , Peng Zhen, who could have lived well at home, was not idle for a moment , He was advised to say :“ You are an outsider , You don't have to worry about , Besides, this is also a particularly dangerous thing .” But Peng Zhen said :“ Although we are outsiders , But it's my duty to fight the epidemic .”

7 month 31 Since then , Peng Zhen has been sticking to the front line of anti epidemic , Be a flow dispatching volunteer for Nanzheng community of Yongding Office , Call out every day 500 Multiple telephones participate in the verification of information , Provide equipment maintenance services to experts of Sunshine Hotel , Go to the nucleic acid detection point of Tujia style garden to maintain order and so on . Especially when the epidemic is serious , Peng Zhen every morning 5 Get up at half past ten and go home at two or three in the morning , consecutive 12 Working hours up to 14 hours . But he never shouted tired , There is no slackness ,“ Frontline stormtroopers ” My team members are so , Every volunteer on duty arrives early and leaves late , Try your best to do every prevention and control thing . What impressed him most was 8 month 12 It rained heavily that day , The tent was also disturbed by the wind , The personnel on duty were drenched one by one “ soaked through ”, But in some cases , They stayed on duty until two o'clock in the morning . My daughter is studying medicine at Zhengzhou University , Summer vacation just came back , Just caught up with the epidemic . When she heard from her father that she needed volunteers , She took the initiative to participate in epidemic prevention and control for the first time , I often work until early in the morning . A daughter can't see a father who loves him deeply , Take the initiative to say to him :“ Father and daughter work together , Their sharpness can cut through metal , God will take care of us , come on. !”

stay 2019 When the epidemic broke out at the end of the year, he donated money to Cili in his own name 3 Ten thousand yuan . Since the outbreak , He actively raised epidemic prevention materials for the workers of Hunan Provincial People's Hospital in Zhangjiajie 20 More than , I bought 1000 Multi fruit . He also donated medical masks for Huayuan community in his own name 2000 individual . Driven by him , Many people actively donate masks to Huayuan community through various channels 、 alcohol 、 Disinfectant, mineral water and other materials , For example, Peng Qiuming of Hunan Tourism donated to the community N95 masks 300 individual , Three cases of alcohol , glove 300 double . When he heard that foreign personnel were stranded in Huayuan community , When life is difficult , Start donating immediately , Yu Xiangjun 、 Nie Yongsheng and other caring volunteers actively donate , It brings warmth like spring breeze to outsiders .

From the time when no one was interested “ Tasco ” Everyone has to give a thumbs up when they see him “ Tasco ”, Many people know that they will find something in the community “ The commander in chief of the front line ”. His spirit of giving up his family and taking responsibility for everyone moved every resident of the community , Peng Zhen also said :“ war ‘ Epidemic disease ’ More than , We don't return .”

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