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Hunan Geological Museum pays tribute to the "ordinary greatness" in the war epidemic with "Star Language and star wish"

2021-08-26 01:06:30 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 22 - ( The reporter Shi Lingwei correspondent Kuang Qianyu Poster design Zhong Yanni Cai Xiang ) In a race against time 、 In the days of fighting the epidemic , There are such a group of people , Assemble quickly at the command , Don't hesitate to invest “ War epidemic ”, They stick to it bit by bit and gather together to fight the epidemic , With the courage of giving up the family for everyone, we interpret the responsibility of fate and sharing , It vividly shows the fear of wind and waves with warm stories 、 The spirit of Hunan and the strength of China .

There is greatness in the ordinary , It is these mortal glimmers , Gather into a brilliant star river for epidemic prevention and control , It shows that the Chinese nation never gives up in the face of any difficulties and risks 、 Fight bravely 、 Courage to win .

No man can stand without spirit , A country without spirit is not strong . In the face of a sudden outbreak , As a geological museum of Hunan Province, it has been shouldering the mission of popularizing science of natural resources in the province for many years , Adhering to the great anti epidemic spirit , Actively shoulder the social responsibility and mission of public institutions ,2020 At the beginning of the year, it was planned to “ stone ” Yu Zhi 、 With “ stone ” Affectionate “ Stone comes and pestilence turns ” Theme public welfare publicity series , Salute the most beautiful rebel . This year, , When the epidemic strikes again , Hunan Geological Museum and Hunan Astronomical Association 、 Red net plans to launch “ Fight the epidemic together · Warm Star River ” Series of public welfare posters , Combined with the knowledge of astronomical science , With “ star ” Flirt , Cheer for the soldiers fighting on the front line of the epidemic , Pay tribute to “ Greatness in the ordinary ”, May the mountains and rivers be safe , The world is safe .

Dim light sets great love , We must work together to overcome difficulties , The power of beauty , Is booming .

Meteors gather to explore the vast May the light shine forever —— meteor shower

At the moment of meeting the earth , Meteoroids are like moths to fire , Burn yourself out , Light up the sky . In this war without gunsmoke “ War epidemic ” in , The angel in white charged the front line , Fight the virus , Fight death ; People's police and volunteers , Stick to the pass day and night , absolute ; Party members, cadres and grass-roots workers , Protect the people day and night …… these “ Civilian hero ” Gather like a meteor , Build a defense line to guard life , Light up the way ahead .

Zhu Rong put out the fire and broke the sky The Star River is about to dawn —— Mars

“ Zhu Rong ” Successfully landed on Mars , Ignited the fire of China's deep space exploration , It has also witnessed the Chinese people's self-reliance and self-improvement 、 Not afraid of failure 、 Dare to explore 、 The spirit of climbing the peak , Dream stars , Bring new dawn to China and even mankind's exploration of the universe .

the seas are in turmoil , Fang Xian is a hero .7 Since the outbreak in late June ,“ Police blue ” Always stick to “ Epidemic disease ” Line , Go to key areas , Use your body to open up emergency transfer channels , Assist in nucleic acid detection day and night , Keep an eye on monitoring and look for risk personnel who are in close contact with the diagnosed person ...... They say ,“ Carry out flow control one minute earlier , Citizens will have more security ”“ Let's work harder , People risk less ”...... Words from the bottom of my heart 、 Touching scenes , Stand up again and again , Witness the unyielding soul and firm faith of the children of Hunan , The more fighting, the braver !

Saturn shines on the sun The most beautiful retrograde is as bright as a star —— Saturn

The sun 、 The earth 、 When Saturn is in a straight line , Saturn, with its charming rings, began to perform “ Chongri ”. here , Saturn is like... In the night “ The Lord of the rings ” Shining Milky way .

An epidemic is an order , White clothes are war robes !8 month 4 Japan , Xiangya tiantuan 152 Famous doctors and nurses gather , Quickly support Zhangjiajie ; Countless medical staff do nucleic acid testing and sampling under the high temperature , In airtight protective clothing , One side is sweating , One side is dripping water ; In a state close to heatstroke , Tie a popsicle against your protective clothing 、 Ice cooling , Race against time 、 Compete with the disease ......

There is no time in the world , But it was a group of people who chose to carry the weight 、 Go against the current 、 regardless of one's own safety . Those fiery hearts shine like the day ,“ The most beautiful retrograde ” Brilliant as stars , To the heart .

The sun and moon overlap and share a common destiny Fight the epidemic together —— annular eclipse

When the sun and the moon overlap , It has brought rare “ annular eclipse ”. This anti epidemic assault test , Zhangjiajie is famous for “ A strong man DuanWan ” The courage to press... Decisively “ Pause key ”, Close all scenic spots , Even close the city , Strictly abide by the bottom line of no spillover of the epidemic , Let the world see “ International Zhang ” The choice and responsibility of . Facing the epidemic situation , The children of Huxiang are united in their destiny , Fight the epidemic hand in hand , At war “ Epidemic disease ” A line of writing “ People first 、 Life is supreme ” The answer of .

Wood and gold accompany each other Help each other and fight the epidemic together —— Jupiter / Venus

Venus and Jupiter are the brightest celestial bodies except the sun and moon , When “ Venus is with Jupiter ” Celestial phenomena appear , The double stars watching the sky deduce “ The stars set off ” A beautiful picture of .

He who has the same desire wins , Those in the same boat win . from “ national team ” To “ provincial team ” To “ Brotherhood ”, Various forces rushed to many places in Hunan , Join hands to start the war of epidemic prevention and control ;8 month 2 Japan ,20 A truck carrying anti epidemic living materials set out from Jishou, Western Hunan , Sent to the front line of anti epidemic in Zhangjiajie , Embodies “ Sour radish ” Yes “ Three times ” My friendship ; Enterprises, big or small , The chamber of commerce does not distinguish between far and near , Love relay each other , end 8 month 17 Japan , Private enterprises in the province 、 Business associations donate money and materials 1.3 Billion ; Catering enterprises deliver meals free of charge , The staff in the scenic area provide cooling for the front-line personnel ...... Anonymous hero 、 Mortal good deeds continue to emerge , Love is like a trickle of water , Converging into a river , This feeling is moving , This love is remembered .

Wear the stars and the moon to fight for the morning sun Weather and difficulties —— The moon

This is a race against time “ War epidemic ”, How many people don't sleep , Seize every minute and second , Dare not delay for a moment ; How many people fight , Stick to the front line , I dare not relax for a moment ; How many people are not afraid of risk , Trials and hardships , Just to guard the lights , Just for the warmth of a city .

“ I sign up , Join me ”, Jishou anti epidemic front line has such a group with personality 、 Can dance hip-hop 90、00 after , They incarnate as “ iron soles ”“ Versatile ”, wear “ Volunteer red ” Be active in “ War epidemic ”, Guard their homes with their enthusiasm and fearlessness . This is just the vast majority of youth “ retrograde ” A microcosm of the , These glittering Youth Volunteers , Condense your youth strength into great love , Let countless people “ There is strength in the heart , There is hope ”.

Build a dream palace and open a new chapter Brave and resolute, meet difficulties —— China Space Station

From ancient times “ Ten thousand families fly to the sky ” Until now the “ Build a dream palace ”, The Chinese people's yearning and exploration of space has never stopped , The pace of marching towards the world aerospace power has never stopped . Behind the rise of a great power is the result of the struggle of countless scientific researchers ,“ War epidemic ” The back of the is also inseparable from this group of people who overcome difficulties , Research and development of global new crown vaccine “ Race ”, Our country is far ahead , The ambition of daring to reach the nine heavens and the moon is “ War epidemic ” The front line is frequently splashed , The tenacity, optimism and empathy for the other in the Chinese character , Show more strength when facing difficulties .

The stars of the four seasons move When the plague dispersed and the clouds opened, sometimes —— Four seasons starry sky

Cool autumn wind , They also sent good news about the fight against the epidemic . Hunan has a long history 6 God 0 newly added , Several high school risk areas in Zhangjiajie have been downgraded ! After days of strict prevention , Hunan tries its best to race against the virus , Extremely hard and bitter 、 Seize every minute and second , Finally took the initiative in the duel .

Dim light converges , There are thousands of stars , Time goes , Yunkai pestilence powder will sometimes . Until we meet again , Hunan Dibo will enjoy the stars with you , Together “ The appointment of the stars ”.

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