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Anti epidemic diary of a retiring female party member supervising the market

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7 In the middle of the month, the guys are planning 8 Self driving in West Sichuan in January , I think that the municipal Party committee and the municipal government advocated 8 The month is closed for public holidays , So I signed up . The official itinerary has been 7 month 27 Japan . And that night , My husband broke the rules 2 Come home after a little bit , The reason is that two confirmed tourists associated with the Nanjing epidemic have been to Zhangjiajie , The range of activities is worrying . Mr. is the head of the Tourism Department of a district ,“ cold wave ” coming , Zhangjiajie tourism Prophet .

8 month 1 Japan Sunday The sun shines high Don't shrink back when ordered in danger

On duty in the Bureau , Duty location 206 Duty Room . I thought there was no meal in the Bureau , I brought a bowl of rice with me 、 A few boxes of instant noodles 、2 An apple and 2 Box of milk . Arrive at the duty room early in the morning , Director Daowen said to me : Comrade Chong Ying , Chief Deng Zhang was taken to the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters and had another important task , You have full authority to take over the epidemic prevention and control work related to drugs and equipment from section chief Deng . I don't have the slightest hesitation , Gladly accepted . I want to be ordered in a time of crisis , I will try my best to . Although I retired in only two months , But I am a veteran cadre of drug safety supervision 、 Old party members , Even one day on duty , There must be a part of heat and a part of light , Stand on the last post .

Afternoon , Director Daowen received the notice from the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters : Since this afternoon 15:00 Start , Traffic control is implemented throughout the city , Personnel unrelated to epidemic prevention and control 、 No one is allowed to go out without a pass . Director Daowen immediately convened a meeting of relevant personnel , Make new adjustments to the work arrangement of epidemic prevention and control of our bureau , And execute immediately . Military orders are like a mountain ! Seeing the Party group of the Bureau implement the orders of its superiors decisively and quickly , I felt as if I were in a battlefield full of gunsmoke . According to the new work deployment , I was assigned to the municipal Fangzhi medical supplies guarantee group , Be responsible for the quality and safety supervision of anti epidemic medical materials , And act as a liaison . Soon , A special pass was handed over to me . Special pass ! It means I have to be ready to go to dangerous places . At the moment , I began to feel a sharp increase in pressure , Great responsibility .

Come home from work , I followed the instructions given by section chief Deng when handing over the work , The statistical table of drug safety supervision task and medical material guarantee and supply group 、 The briefing materials shall be listed in the work log book , And set up a wechat group including the drug and machinery safety supervision and supply liaison of each district and County Bureau . For the next day 10 Report the report data to the Provincial Bureau and the municipal defense index on time , I started collecting information at night . Due to the report to the municipal defense index “ Four kinds of drugs ” Statistical report on sales real name registration , In addition to collecting information from district and county bureaus , And collect the Provincial Bureau 《 Normalized epidemic alert system of retail pharmacies in Hunan Province 》 Dynamic situation , The report items need to be supplemented and improved according to the current work requirements , This is for me with myopia and presbyopia , It's really difficult , So I asked chief Deng Zhang for advice while doing it , A slow sparrow should make an early start. , Finally, the report framework was completed in advance in the evening , My heart is steady !

8 month 15 Japan Sunday Overcast Rain “ A false alarm ” I don't regret it

Early in the morning, I saw the release of the authority of the municipal defense index , newly added 1 Cases were diagnosed , Although the new number is decreasing , But I feel heavy in my heart . The kind people of Zhangjiajie can't afford to hurt , Pray for an early reset !

See Comrade Tao's door closed , My son, who was transferred to the municipal anti finger action team and didn't return home for two days, didn't know when to go home last night , The clothes are spread out in the bedroom of the guest room --- Temporary ultraviolet disinfection room . Early in the morning , I will work overtime last night to write the report information materials to the Provincial Bureau 、 After the municipal defense index is reported , Before my son leaves , He hurriedly cooked a meal for his son , Simple braised pork with potatoes 、 braised steak fillet 、 Eggdrop Soup 、 Shredded carrots , Reward front-line soldiers .

Next , Keep your eyes on 《 Monitoring and warning system for normalized epidemic situation of retail pharmacies in Hunan Province 》 dynamic , Focus on our city “ Four kinds of drugs ” Sales real name registration , And collect the data of each district and county 《 Statistical table of nucleic acid detection of pharmaceutical and mechanical employees and business of pharmacies in the city 》《“ Four kinds of drugs ” Daily statistical report on modification of false information and inspection of pharmacies 》《 Statistical table of progress of key work of epidemic prevention and control 》 And other reports and medical material guarantee and supply group 、 Work information of market inspection team , The situation was summarized in the evening .

evening 11 Some more , When I look through the information in my mobile phone , See the information sent by volunteers in the community group : Comrade XX, go to the duty room at the door to get the medicine , A bright “ Lianhua Qingwen capsule ” The photos are displayed in the community group . This is my bureau 8 month 6 Notifying retail pharmacies to stop selling on the th “ Four kinds of drugs ” ah ! If the patient only takes medicine and does not go to the specialist clinic , Novel coronavirus pneumonia virus infection may be hidden in the cell. , Can not be found and isolated in time , This will make our city's epidemic prevention and control work useless ! I'll call the community guard immediately , Tell him to withhold the medicine , meanwhile , Call the buyer , But no one answered . The contact tracing process coincided with the ninth round of nucleic acid detection in the cell , The medicine has been taken away . I immediately contacted Hu Shaoping, member of the community party branch , And report to Secretary Liu Songzhi , Ask them to find a way to contact the buyer , Find out why . Finally found the party Chen , He explained the whole story :“ No one wants to take medicine ! Because of me 29 We did a day of nucleic acid testing and registered volunteers ,30 A friend asked me to buy a box of medicine for him , Then I stayed at home , I didn't go downstairs to get the medicine , They didn't say I forgot .” It turns out that the drug is in the whole city “ Four kinds of drugs ” Purchase of spare parts before the suspension of sales ban , I haven't taken it . A false alarm !( Municipal Market Supervision Bureau Zeng Chongying )

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