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The most beautiful surveyor of the battle "epidemic" line (Group pictures)

2021-08-26 01:07:44 Red Net

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 22 - ( correspondent Liao Xinzhen ) 7、 ... and 、 August is the peak tourist season in Zhangjiajie , However, due to novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak , This statue “ scorching sun ” Like a hot tourist city, the pause button was pressed . In the emergency state of epidemic prevention and control 20 For days , The city seems to be quiet , But no matter where you are , There are still countless children of Zhangjiajie who are not afraid to go to all fronts of epidemic prevention and control , Retrograde March 、 Fight the epidemic .

Epidemic is the battlefield , At a critical time , Zhangjiajie surveying and mapping people are “ Epidemic disease ” No excuse , Move at the command . In the face of the threat of the epidemic , There are such a group of people to meet the difficulties , Take the initiative to 、 Go to the anti epidemic front , They are bound to “ retrograde ”, Is the bravest to stick to , Is the warmest guardian ; Their persistence and dedication , Built a protective line to protect people's health . Their retrograde figure makes people moved and distressed .

△ they , He is a member of the branch committee of the Municipal Institute of Surveying and mapping .8 month 10 Japan , The branch of the Municipal Institute of Surveying and Mapping held a video conference of the branch committee , The Institute sent people to participate in Qianping community work of Baobao Houping office , While actively helping the community to carry out epidemic prevention and control, and according to the actual difficulties of the community , Put forward measures to solve the unsalable agricultural products of community residents , At the same time, call on Party members of the Party branch to actively donate , Let the party flag fly high on the front line , Solve the worry for the grass-roots level 、 Upset 、 Worry about something .

△ He , Secretary of the Party branch of the Municipal Institute of Surveying and mapping 、 Dean Wang Gao . He practices his mission and responsibility with his own practical actions , While ensuring the safety of front-line comrades , He also directed and coordinated qualified personnel in the hospital to actively participate in epidemic prevention and control . The graph is 8 month 10 Japan , He led the vanguard of insurance work in Qianping community to go deep into Qianping community to deal with the problem of unsalable agricultural products .

△ He , Shuai Kaide, vice president of the Municipal Institute of Surveying and mapping , communist . In this fight against the epidemic , He worked as a porter 、 propagandist …… The graph is 8 month 17 Japan , He led Party member Shu Hao 、 Wang Qian publicized epidemic prevention knowledge to residents of Qianping community , And to the very poor dependants 、 Five guarantors 、 The disabled send epidemic prevention materials and daily necessities .

△ He , Hu Aihua, vice president of the Municipal Institute of Surveying and mapping , communist . since 7 Since the epidemic hit at the end of this month , He reported to the community for the first time , Joined the community epidemic prevention and control volunteer service team , from 8 month 7 He began to participate in the insurance work in Qianping community from the th . The picture shows him taking the temperature of the people in and out 、 Check the health code and registration information .

△ He , Li Hu, vice president of the Municipal Institute of Surveying and mapping . Since then, volunteers have been recruited for the first time , He charged ahead , bear hardship without complaint , He has successively participated in the information registration of nucleic acid detection personnel in Zhongxing building community 、 Tianmen No. 1 community voluntary service and other anti epidemic work .8 month 7 Japan , He took the lead again 、 Joined the country garden isolation point volunteer service team . At the isolation point, he is the logistics manager of the whole isolation area , Every day in the morning 5 spot , He began to collect meals from various external points in the lobby , Then it was distributed to all districts . Isolate personnel for better service , He's sweet 、 Be careful with diabetes 、 The demands of children and other special groups shall be registered in detail .

△ He , Chen Liang, director of the municipal comprehensive office of Surveying and mapping . In this epidemic prevention and control work , He came forward , It not only coordinates the work of the whole hospital , And in xinyeyuan community, the volunteer service line for epidemic prevention and control is busy , Even in Baobao Qianping community .

△ He , Yang Changjie, director of the quality inspection office of the Municipal Institute of Surveying and mapping , communist .8 month 7 Japan , He volunteered to join the task force of the first isolation group of the municipal natural resources system , Became... At the country garden isolation hotel “ hamal ”.

△ He , Liu Xiangyi, President of the real estate court , communist . He was the most serious in the work of the Institute of Surveying and mapping 、 The most enthusiastic one . After the national campaign started , See colleagues at the isolation point “ Epidemic disease ” The line is so tired , How he wanted to share , But trapped in “ High risk areas ”, Can't do it , You can only participate in volunteer services on the spot .

△ He , Chen Xingquan, vice president of the Institute of aerial survey engineering , Party membership applicant . At first, because of health “ Yellow code ” troubled , He can only be isolated at home .8 month 7 After the daily health code turns yellow to green , He signed up for the insurance work in Qianping community for the first time ; Due to the work of isolation point , He asked Ouyang Xiong, who led the pilot survey Engineering Institute 、 Song Zhihong went to “ Red zone ” Country garden isolation point reinforcements .

△ He , It was last year that the Municipal Institute of Surveying and mapping introduced talents Zhu Jinshuai , Party activists , Zhengzhou people in Henan , In July, the factory explosion and flood disaster just happened in their hometown , Originally I wanted to ask for leave to go back to my hometown , But an outbreak , Blocked his way home , I haven't had time to comfort my family , Then he went to the front line of anti epidemic , Transfer all kinds of materials in country garden isolation group , Become a professional caring Porter .

△ they , Wu Hong, the technical backbone of field surveying and mapping in the Real Estate Institute of the Municipal Institute of Surveying and mapping 、 Zhang Yi , They were the first to sign up for the isolation group of country garden , And joined hands to work in the isolation area to provide close service for the isolation personnel , Every meal delivery needs 2-3 Hours , Sweat soaked clothes and gloves , His hands were white and wrinkled .

They never complain and get tired …… As soon as I heard that I was going to collect in-house volunteers at the isolation point , The most they say is “ Be sure to bring more laundry ”. Heavily armed, they overcame the risk of infection “ High risk ” Fear , While encouraging everyone with a firm and optimistic attitude :“ Born in the sun , Future period ! We are sure to win the battle , come on. !”

△ The municipal surveying and Mapping Institute will buy vegetables, melons and fruits from community residents 600 Send more copies to Shuixie flower capital 、 Victoria Harbour cross 、 Dingtai Yijing garden 、 Urban garden and other residential areas and country garden isolation group .

In this sudden battle “ Epidemic disease ” In front of , Zhangjiajie surveying and Mapping Institute “ The plague ” abound . Up to now , The Municipal Institute of Surveying and mapping has a total of 61 People become volunteers in the community ,16 Participate in the Baobao community work of Qianping community, Houping Street ,10 People walk in “ Red zone ”, Provide services for centralized isolation personnel …… No matter where it is , This group of people shoulder with their own actions “ The most beautiful person ” My responsibility !

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