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From September 1, Changsha will enable electronic driver's license! How to claim and use

2021-08-26 01:07:47 Red Net

In recent days, ,

Issued by the traffic administration bureau of the Ministry of public security ,

9 month 1 The date of ,

Beijing, etc. 28 Cities

We will promote the electronization of motor vehicle driver's license ,

Changsha in the column .

9 month 1 The date of , Electronic driver's license 、 Used car transaction registration in other places 、“ Traffic management 12123”APP Issue truck electronic access code 、 Traffic accident evidence materials can be consulted online etc. 4 term “ I do practical things for the masses ” Public security traffic control facilitation measures will be implemented in batches throughout the country . Changsha, etc 28 Cities will promote the application of traffic control facilitation measures such as electronic driver's license .

A citizen showed that she had just used her mobile phone APP Electronic driver's license . Shen Jizhong

Although Changsha is the only pilot city in Hunan , But it is understood that , In terms of electronic driver's license , Hunan has long explored .

“ Hunan public security service platform ” As early as 2018 At the end of the year, we began to pilot the issuance of electronic driver's license , And in 2019 year 4 In January, the province began to promote . All the people who have obtained a driver's license from the public security organ of Hunan Province , Can be found in “ Hunan public security service platform ” Apply for various electronic licenses such as electronic driver's license .

however ,“ Hunan public security service platform ” The electronic driver's license issued is Special for Hunan , The driver is limited to the person who has the motor vehicle driving certificate issued by the public security and Traffic Police Department of Hunan Province , vehicle Limited to “ hunan ” Licensed vehicle , And the place where traffic violations occur is only Within the administrative region of Hunan Province .

And after the implementation of the new measures , Will pass the national unified “ Traffic management 12123”APP Issue electronic driver's license , The electronic driver's license is in Effective nationwide , Handle traffic control business 、 Show and use when accepting law enforcement inspection , And expand passenger and freight transportation 、 Car Rental 、 Social application scenarios such as insurance purchase , For the driver Provide online “ Bright syndrome ”“ Bright code ” service , Further simplify procedures and materials , Improve the convenience of using certificates , Better facilitate people's work and travel .

How to apply for and use an electronic driver's license ?

Here comes the tutorial !


1. Apply online

The driver must first

Download and register “ Traffic management 12123”APP,

After logging in, you can

【 My driver's license 】 or 【 Business Center 】 in

Click on 【 Electronic version of driver's license 】

Apply for my electronic driver's license .

2. Submit photos

When a driver applies for an electronic driver's license

A portrait photo of the applicant is required

After clicking submit, the system will generate

Electronic driver's license ( preview )

3. Application for submission

The applicant confirms and submits

After the electronic driver's license application information ,

Local public security traffic control department

Will be in 1 Audit within working days ,

The application result will be through

SMS and “ Traffic management 12123”APP

Inform the driver in time .

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