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The comprehensive fuel consumption is 4.8L, which is as fuel-efficient as CRV. It breaks 100 in 7.9 seconds. Wey Macchiato can fascinate one

2021-08-26 01:07:50 Auto Lab

The opening time of this year's Chengdu auto show has been determined , The opening time is set at 8 month 27 Japan . Car manufacturers to build momentum for new cars , Some new models are scheduled to be officially launched during the opening of Chengdu auto show . In the upcoming new models , What consumers should pay attention to is wey Its Macchiato . Macchiato positioning is a hybrid SUV, This car is integrated into the latest development of great wall dht Hybrid system , With very low fuel consumption , Fuel economy is comparable to Honda crv.

From lemon platform wey Macchiato further improve brand recognition , The front is equipped with a larger hexagonal air inlet grille , The metal decorative panels decorated inside the China open create a retro atmosphere . The shape of the headlights on the front of the car is very sharp , Headlamp integration wey The design module of the family model has the recognition of the family model , A dot matrix is equipped between the high beam and low beam LED Daytime running light , Make this car more aggressive . The great wall designs exaggerated diversion grooves in the fog lamp area of this car , At the same time with LED Front fog lamp , When the weather is bad, driving safety can be guaranteed .

The side body is designed according to the standard of family models , And wey The design style similarity of family models is as high as 80%, The whole side body presents a dive posture of low front and high rear , The window frame line and the rising waist line create a dynamic effect for the body . There is a faint line in the middle of the body , Make the body proportion look particularly harmonious .

The most recognizable part of the tail is the one added in the middle of the rear tail lamp wey English letter , The shape of the rear tail lamp is also sharp , Adopt three D Three dimensional structure to create , No sense of disobedience . The length, width and height are respectively 4520×1855×1665mm, The wheelbase is 2710mm, Positioning is compact SUV.

The interior is also in accordance with wey The style of the model is built , The center console is equipped with two different colors and materials , Divide the centre console into upper and lower parts . The piano baking paint trim panel equipped in front of the LCD screen has a particularly advanced feeling , Multicolor atmosphere lights are embedded inside . The shift lever position is equipped with a larger storage compartment , The bottom of the storage compartment is pasted with non slip fabric , This kind of modeling is particularly humanized . Although the front seats look a little thin , But the two-color stitched seats have a good sense of fashion and sports , Orange piping is also added at the edge of the seat, which is very conspicuous , The raised angle of the side wing of the seat is large , Good wrapping .

Great Wall will equip this car with 1.5 L displacement self-priming engine , The battery pack is provided by Ningde times , The comprehensive power of the motor reaches 140kw, One hundred kilometers fuel consumption in 4.8 l ,7.9 You can complete 100 km acceleration in seconds . If wey Macchiato's car looks fashionable and beautiful , After listing, it can fascinate .

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