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Tank 600 is scheduled to appear at the end of August, with 3.0tv6 + 9at, which is more domineering than tank 300

2021-08-26 01:07:56 Auto Lab

tanks 300 It is a domestic hardline with high attention SUV, This car is recognized by consumers because of its fashionable appearance and rich hard core configuration . A few days ago, the Great Wall announced the No 2 paragraph SUV- tanks 600, The car will be at the end of this month , That is, it officially appeared at the opening of Chengdu auto show .

tanks 600 Positioning is medium SUV, Appearance than tank 300 Also domineering , Great Wall in addition to this car is equipped with a larger polygonal front air grille , The middle is also equipped with tank brand logo. In order to echo the shape of the air intake grille , The headlights on the front of the car are very broad , The upper edge of the headlamp is equipped with LED High and low beam headlights , Matrix is provided below LED Daytime running light , In the middle L Type metal line split . The fog lamp area is heavy , In addition to providing raised tendons , Great wall also designed primary color bumpers for this car , It can reflect that this is a tough guy model .

Side body and Harvard H9 There are similarities in the shape of , The outspread wheel arch makes the lower part of the body look particularly solid , The waist line with obvious muscle feeling in the middle of the body can expand the visual width of the body , Let the body show the effect of muscle explosion . There is still a very large gap between the wheel arch and the tire of the new model , This indicates that the suspension travel of this car is too long , It belongs to standard off-road SUV.

The shape of the tail is relatively simple , With the new Haval H9 There are similarities , The rear tail lamp adopts vertical layout , The edge of the tail lamp is decorated with strong lines , An external spare tire is equipped in the middle of the rear compartment , This design also shows that it is an off-road SUV.

Although tanks 60 The interior has not been officially announced , But according to the tank 300 Interior design style , And interior materials 、 Configuration view , tanks 600 It should be more advanced , The interior of the car will be made of large area leather , After all, tanks 600 Positioning is higher than 300. The seat is likely to use 2+3+2 Of 7 A layout . The Great Wall should equip this car with dual 12.3 Inch center control display , The specific configuration includes seat heating , Built in dash cam , Full LCD instrument panel , Shift paddles , Keyless entry , One button start , Panoramic sunroof , Slow down the steep slopes , Parking radar , Adaptive cruise, etc .

The key is that the Great Wall is equipped with 3.0T turbocharging 6 Cylinder engine , The engine is rated at 260 kw , Peak torque reached 500 Cattle meters , matching 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , This gearbox has a vertical layout , It can improve the body weight ratio .

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