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The first SUV for young people is not Baojun 510, nor Honda Binzhi, but it

2021-08-26 01:07:59 Auto Lab

Young people don't like to follow the crowd , Like to pursue personality . In order to show the unique personality of young people , They are more reluctant to go with the tide when they choose their own scooter . Today, let's meet a small for young people SUV, This car is neither Baojun 510, It's not Osamu Honda , But Chevrolet's chuangku . The reason why chuangku is introduced to the younger generation of riders , Because the appearance of this car is particularly fashionable ,11.89~13.99 Million manufacturer's guide price , Plus 4 10000 yuan price discount , It further demonstrates that this is a cost-effective joint venture SUV.

In terms of shape design , Chevrolet chuangku is designed according to the needs of young people , The front face adopts the style design of the standard family model , It has more personality than the previous generation . The front of the car is equipped with a lot of sharp lines , Make the front of the car full of personality . The air intake grille is divided into upper and lower parts , The black logo in the middle is particularly eye-catching , It suits the taste of young people . in addition , Chevrolet also incorporates two lines into the interior of the car's headlights L Type white light strip , And below L Type LED Front fog lamp collocation , Let this small SUV It looks more fashionable .

small SUV The body size will not exceed 4.5 rice , It's very convenient for novice drivers to drive this model , Don't feel too hard , The length, width and height of Chevrolet chuangku reach 4270*1791*1602mm, Wheelbase up to 2570mm, This body size makes this small SUV It looks much smaller , It's easy to walk on congested urban roads . Chevrolet also carries 17 Inch black hub , Match the tires of Bridgestone tranquilizer series , thus it can be seen , Chuangku is also a small and comfortable product SUV.

Chuangku has a high appearance value , The interior is also based on the aesthetic design of young people , The centre console is equipped with 8 Inch Touch Screen , The built-in human-computer interaction system enables this car to cariplay/carlife Mobile Internet , And multimedia control function . The new model is also upgraded to the latest version of anjixing intelligent network system , Can achieve 4G Network interconnection 、WiFi Connections etc. , The sense of technology created is satisfactory .

Chevrolet is equipped with 1.0T/1.3T Two three cylinder engines with different displacement ,92kw/121kw Are the maximum power of the engine , matching 6 The block hand is self-contained and CVT Stepless gearbox , The fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is only 5.5 l , Fuel economy is very good , Comparable to Japanese cars . If you are 90 Young people after , So is this Chevrolet chuangku your dish ?

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