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The Great Wall Harvard "divine beast" arrives at the store, with a positioning higher than H6 and a full fuel life of thousands of kilometers, or 150000

2021-08-26 01:09:31 Auto Lab

In order to attract the attention of young people , All major car companies have done their best . The Great Wall even has a very personalized name for cars , Like a big dog 、 Red Rabbit 、 The first love , Including the Harper beast introduced to you today , One common feature of these models is that the names are easy to remember , Can impress everyone . Haval beast is positioned higher than H6, From the configuration of this car , The total achievement of the power carried can be seen , It should be one of the Haval models with high positioning , Lemon platform to create .

As the saying goes “ The mouth is full of food ”, It is because of the big mouth air inlet grille , To make the front of the car look full of gas . The interior of China open creates a good sense of delicacy for the front of the car by decorating the horizontal lines of ladder style . Great wall also designed split headlights for this car , There is an orange line under the Mimi eye daytime running lights , Match with the orange line at the lower lip , It can be seen that Haval beast is a model for young consumer groups .

The length, width and height are respectively 4780×1890×1675mm, Wheelbase up to 2900mm, It's medium-sized SUV. The side body looks better than Harvard H6 A lot of atmosphere , The Great Wall not only carries gradient lines for this car , The window frame also has a significant tilt angle , Create a sliding back effect for the roof , Good integrity , And this car D The inclination angle of the column is very large , The design is similar to that of a performance car . The hub size of entry-level models is up to 18 Inch , The petal wheel hub has a general shape , Silver brake calipers can attract eyeballs .

The interior design style is obviously different from that of family models , The center console with asymmetric structure is equipped with 14.6 Inch LCD screen , The size of the instrument panel is up to 12.3 Inch , The instrument panel and LCD are filled with piano baking paint , This design is highly original , Full of design . Great wall also equipped the car with a wireless charging panel , Electronic parking, etc , Very good car experience . The interior color matching is quite different from the color matching of family models , The upper part is wrapped with soft materials with warm colors , Both tactile and visual experience give people a feeling of high-end models .

Great Wall is equipped with many different power assemblies for this car , Namely 1.5T/2.0T+7DCT and 1.5T Plug in and mix , The maximum range of hybrid models reaches thousands of kilometers , Fuel economy is very good .

Harper beast positioning ratio H6 higher , appearance 、 The interior is redesigned , The original degree is high , Meet the needs of young people . according to the understanding of , The price of this car is in 15 Ten thousand yuan or so , Can it be recognized ?

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