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The top is equipped with 80000 landing, which is as fuel-efficient as fit. It is more cost-effective than Dihao. It is very suitable for household use

2021-08-26 01:09:38 Auto Lab

Chevrolet, a beautiful car brand, is still very humanized , Its models are priced low , The price discount range is relatively large , It will not make working-class consumers feel a sense of distance . Corvez as the entry car of the Chevrolet family , Built on the same platform as Buick yinglang , For the domestic market . Positioning is a A Class sedan , The guide price is 7.99~9.99 ten thousand , The price preference of dealers in Qingdao reaches 3 More than ten thousand , Top configuration 8 Ten thousand can land , Cheaper than Dihao .

Although the appearance of kowoz is not full of personality , But the front face of this car is also designed according to the aesthetic design of young people , The edges of the stratified air intake grille are decorated with Silver Chrome material , It can reflect the grade of the joint venture car . Headlights are a classic design , Although the lamp group is equipped with halogen light source , But Chevrolet has a metal lens in the high beam position of the car , Individual models are also equipped with LED Daytime running light , Through these two configurations, we can also see that kowoz is very suitable for home .

The shape of the side of the car body is relatively simple , A dive waist line is designed behind the front wheel eyebrow , Let the body show the effect of low front and high rear , This classic waistline makes the body layer richer . Chevrolet is equipped with 15 Inch 、16 Inch wheels , The standard non full size spare tire of the whole series adopts drum brake .

The shape of the tail is more dynamic , The rear tail lights echo with the headlights , The tail lamp is equipped with halogen steering lamp and brake lamp , In line with their own positioning . Chevrolet is also equipped with radar for the rear bumper , A camera is equipped under the tail marker , So that this car can realize the two convenient functions of reversing image and reversing radar . The length, width and height are respectively 4474×1730×1471mm, Wheelbase up to 2600mm.

The interior has the flavor of family models , Dark brown soft material is designed on the center console , The line of flapping wing is better than that of Volkswagen Bora , Santana these joint venture cars are more fashionable . Chevrolet also has a three spoke multifunction steering wheel for this car , Multimedia control buttons are equipped on the right side of the steering wheel . The steering wheel of low configuration models is not wrapped with leather fabric , After all, the positioning of this car is low , The cost of making cars is here again , If you feel uncomfortable, you can buy a cover online , Just put it on .

motivation , This car is equipped with 1.0 L turbocharged ,1.3 L naturally aspirated two different types of engines ,125ps/107ps Are the maximum horsepower of the engine , matching 6 Block hand from one body 、5 Gear manual gearbox , The key is that this car is as fuel-efficient as fit , The fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is 4.8 l , It can be seen that the Chevrolet corvez is a joint venture car suitable for home use .

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