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From Volkswagen, 186900 fell to 143000, the space beat CRV, and domestic cars were bought early

2021-08-26 01:09:41 Auto Lab

Now it's easy for consumers to pick a fancy when they buy a car , After all, there are many cost-effective models on the market now . If your car budget is 20 Million or so want to start a medium-sized SUV, The models available include Becquerel oncoway , View of the public way L, The masses explore the mountains and so on , These models have good product power , Moreover, these joint-venture vehicles have a relatively large margin of preference . Take tanyue under FAW Volkswagen for example , At present, the reference price of the lowest equipped model has fallen to 14.3 ten thousand , Not only the price preference is strong , The interior space is larger than Honda crv Also spacious .

Tanyue, as a model of FAW Volkswagen , It is the first of the popular family 2 paragraph SUV, The appearance is integrated with family elements , It's easy to recognize . FAW Volkswagen decorates the interior of this car with chain style metal lines , The air intake grille is designed as a hexagon , This style makes it slightly different from the family model . in addition , Volkswagen also comes standard with this car LED Distance light , Polygonal daytime running lights are also designed in the fog lamp area , The middle of the daytime light is filled with black trim panel and camera , It can be seen that this car has parking radar , Panoramic image function .

The shape of the side body is similar to the design style of tu'ang , Arch lines are provided above the front and rear wheel eyebrows , In the middle, a straight side waist line is equipped to make the body look lively , The proportion of the car body is coordinated . An external trunk can be placed on the roof rack , Suitable for home use . The hub size of the entry-level model reaches 19 Inch , The hub size of the medium configuration model is 19 Inch , Match Dunlop SP sport maxx Series of tires . The body sizes are 4589×1860×1660mm, The wheelbase is 2731mm.

The interior of the car is still built in the style of Volkswagen , Easy to use . The large area of the center console is decorated with soft materials , The front passenger position is also equipped with a black trim panel made of bright paint , The high-level feeling is obvious . Volkswagen is equipped with a full LCD instrument panel for this car, and the display effect is good , Rich function display . The flat bottom steering wheel is also built in the way of family models , The steering wheel letter is moderate , It feels very comfortable . The above models are equipped with 9.2 Inch central control display supports mobile phone interconnection , It also integrates audio books 、 music 、 Information 、 Multimedia playback and other functions .

motivation , The tanyue car is equipped with code EA211 Of 1.4T and EA888 Of 2.0T The engine , All standard 7 Wet double clutch gearbox , These two engines need to be equipped with 95 Oil no , use dohc Valve train , The engine speed reaches 1750 The maximum torque can be output by rotating .

Volkswagen tanyue has the pedigree of German cars , The price preference is large , Good practicability and configuration , Compared with domestic products SUV The cost performance of the model should be high .

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