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What accord does it look like? Modern Sonata 2.0T + 8at, 2.9m wheelbase, 161800

2021-08-26 01:09:47 Auto Lab

Modern's IX35, The guidance price of Elantra and other models is significantly lower than that of joint venture vehicles at the same level , Even Sonata B Class cars are no exception .2021 The sonata is equipped with two different power assemblies , carrying 1.5T+7DCT The model guide price is 16.18 ten thousand 、17.18 ten thousand . Three types of equipment 2.0T+8AT The price range of powertrain models is 18.38~20.58 Between ten thousand , The price of both low configuration and top configuration models is cheaper than accord , And this car comes from I-GMP platform , Lengthen the body size of this car , More configuration , What else do you see with it .

Hyundai is equipped with 2.0T The engine is the latest development , This engine has automatic start and stop function , I can feel the explosive power of the engine when I start , With 8AT The transmission can guarantee the smoothness of the power take-off . in addition , Hyundai also equipped this car with a start reminder function , It can prevent the driver from misoperation . You can feel the of Sonata when you run at high speed 2.0T The engine has sufficient power reserve , The response speed is quite positive , The gearbox can understand the driver's intention in advance , Respond accurately , In case of emergency acceleration, the transmission can also increase the maximum power of the engine by reducing the gear , Overtake as fast as you can .

The new Sonata not only has good power performance , The appearance is also worthy of recognition , Hyundai incorporated concept car elements into this car , The catfish mouth style air intake grille looks a little exaggerated , The black lines dotted inside China open create a good visual impact for the front of the car . The headlights of the front of the vehicle adopt LED The light source doesn't have much bright spot , However, the daytime running lights equipped in the lamp set are integrated with the white light strip on the hood , When starting the vehicle, the white light strip will also be lit , The sense of ceremony is particularly eye-catching .

The length, width and height are respectively 4955×1860×1445mm, Wheelbase up to 2890mm. The design of the side body is quite young , Hyundai designed a body structure with short front suspension and long rear suspension for this car , Plus the sliding back roof , It makes the sports breath of the side body particularly obvious .

The interior of the car is also integrated with personalized design elements , The encircling cockpit is designed with a flat bottom steering wheel and a large-size LCD ,12.3 Inch LCD instrument panel has a variety of display modes , Users can adjust the interface of the dashboard according to their own requirements , Avoid aesthetic fatigue , The intelligent vehicle and machine system is equipped with a variety of practical APP, It can also achieve carlife Mobile phone connection , It can be seen that the cost performance of sonata is higher than that of accord .

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